Simple Ways to Maintain Your Home Healthy and Tidy

Sometimes, it can feel like you’ve just finished your house cleaning session and your home is already ready for the next one. Other times, no matter how thoroughly you clean and scrub your abode it can still feel stuffy and grimy. Understandably, not only is this not exactly how you wish your home to feel like but having to tidy up over and over again can really become exhausting and even frustrating.

In an ideal world, our homes would always be clean and look as tidy and as presentable as possible but, unfortunately, we’re not living in that reality. However, that being said, there are some easy ways you can maintain your home healthy ad tidy without having to feel like your cleaning spree is constantly on the loop.


The most difficult part of home cleaning session is actually starting it. More often than not, it takes gathering up some real motivation before you can actually get down to business. However, once you start, everything will naturally come into place and things will start feeling much easier. So, in order to make sure that your home actually stays clean this time, you need to get rid of all the clutter first. Everything that doesn’t serve a clear purpose and everything you haven’t used in a while should either be sent off to a new home or marked for recycling. By initially reducing the number of things you have in your home, you will significantly reduce the potential clutter-generators.

Tidy up as you go

Once your home is free of unnecessary things whose sole purpose – as it seems – was getting in your way and creating clutter, you can move on to tidying up. The easiest way to tidy up your home is to try and make a conscious effort to pick up things that “don’t belong” as soon as you spot them, instead of waiting for the mess to accumulate. This includes both picking up after yourself as well as others but also asking your housemates to do the same. Everyone who is living under the same roof should equally participate in trying to keep the house as clean and tidy as possible. That’s the only way you’ll actually be able to achieve it.

Focus on the messiest areas first

Every room in your house has the so-called hot spots or parts of it that tend to be messier than the others. In the kitchen, this is usually the sink area where dirty dishes make up for the majority of the mess. In the bedroom, for instance, this area is arguably the bed area. That’s why you should always focus your cleaning efforts on these areas first because as soon as you take care of them, the rest of the room will instantly look far more put together.

Improve your indoor air quality

The indoor air that we breathe can actually be even more contaminated and polluted than the air outside. Aside from creating not the most pleasant environment to spend time in, poor indoor air can actually even cause some serious health concerns. This is especially true if you are living with a person who smokes, or if you’re a smoker yourself. So, what you should do to try and turn your home into a healthy living environment is ban smoking indoors altogether. However, if this is not an option for one reason or the other, invest in high-quality air purifiers for smoke and have them purify the air you breathe on a daily basis. Of course, you should also air out your entire home regularly and try to limit the areas where smoking is allowed to your living room or kitchen only.

Introduce plenty of natural light

Aside from fresh air, natural light is another thing we absolutely need in order to thrive. That’s precisely why you should make sure that your home gets plenty of natural light every single day. Not only is sunlight good for destroying a lot of airborne germs and bacteria but it also has numerous benefits on our overall well-being.

Foster healthy habits

Finally, as mentioned earlier, keeping your home clean, healthy and tidy is a joint effort. That’s why, aside from embracing healthy habits yourself, you should encourage everyone living in your home to do the same. Talk to your partner and see how you can divide the basic house chores amongst yourselves. If you have kids, start teaching them early on to pick up after themselves. Older children can help you with the dishes and can be in charge of keeping their own rooms clean while smaller ones should be taught to clean and tidy up their toys after they’re done playing.

When it comes to home upkeep and cleaning having to start over from the beginning is usually far more difficult and frustrating than doing a bit here and there each day. Therefore, make a conscious effort to do a bit of work each day to minimize the cleaning efforts later on.


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