Tips for building up your immune system in winter


Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic say it’s important to build your immune system up for the winter months. But how can you do that?

Now is a common time for people to fall sick to colds or other illnesses. It means at home you’ll want to take extra precautions, said Julia Zumpano, a registered dietitian with the Cleveland Clinic.

One way to do this is through what you eat.

Zumpano recommends including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. She said you should be getting enough vitamin C, zinc and iron naturally through these foods rather than from supplements.

Zumpano said there are ways to pack in the nutrients but also have something delicious. One simple way is through smoothies.

“You can pack in spinach and berries and Greek yogurt, and really any fruits or vegetables can be packed in there — a variety. You can get some chia seeds or flax seeds for some omega-3, so smoothies are a great way to go, especially if you’re on the go,” Zumpano said.

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No clients here. With the ‘Tripledemic’ of Covid, Flu, and RSV hitting us at the same time, this is a great time to fortify our bodies with healthy food.

What works and what a waste? For instance, is chicken soup really good to cure or ward off a cold?

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Shelley Loving is a Nutrition Chef and author of the just-released book What’s On Your Fork?!: Easy, Healthy Meals for Everybody.

She dedicated her life to teaching people how to eat healthy after her husband almost died from a massive heart attack at the age of 41.