Should You Rent a Chair at a Salon?

 Once you finish your training as a hairdresser, there are a variety of paths you can go down during your job search. Although you may ultimately want to open your own shop, rarely will you find yourself in a position to do that right after receiving your initial certifications and licenses. Most cosmetology graduates gravitate toward established salons, although some of the more entrepreneurial individuals may choose to work out of their home or offer to travel to clients’ homes. Another potential option when you’re just getting started is to simply rent out a chair or station at a salon.

Make connections.

Renting a chair in a salon may sound daunting initially, especially without the chance to build a regular clientele yet. While it’s true that you potentially miss out on the consistent earnings from a salon gig at first, there are some advantages. Outside of the rent, you pay to the salon for space, so you’re pretty much in control of your destiny. You can set your own prices and hours. Depending on the salon, there may even be flexibility with some of the amenities. For example, while you may choose not to have the receptionist schedule your appointments, you may be willing to pay an initial fee if they refer a new customer to you. Also, you’ll likely be working with other stylists who rent stations and may be willing to share some hints on drumming up the business.

Build social media.

Don’t discount the power of social media. Use every opportunity to showcase your skills with high-quality videos and photos, generating enough buzz so potential clients will come wherever you’ve set up a shop. When you rent a chair, typically, the onus is on you to market yourself. If you want to improve the odds of getting a steady and comfortable income, you have to stay relevant.

This is a very independent route to take when getting into the hairdressing business. If you need someone to take care of everything but the hair you’re styling, then chair rentals may not be for you. When you stay on top of the end-to-end process, you can make a nice profit and will have no problem covering the chair rental fees.

Know where to rent.

When looking for a chair rental place, be sure to find the right fit. You’re not only looking for an inviting atmosphere for your clients that matches your own flair, but you need to ensure it’s functional. The equipment has to be dependable. Have warm water when you wash the client’s hair and serviceable wall sockets, so you can plug in a hairdryer. You’re even on your own with your styling tools. Research sites like Scissor Tech New Zealand that offer a variety of premium hairdressing scissors, so you don’t have to worry about faulty instruments.

No matter where you start in the industry, each situation will present its own set of challenges. Just remember that the going is always tough right out of school, and many businesses may prefer several years of experience. It’s important not to get discouraged and seek out opportunities wherever you can, even if it means having to rent a chair. The flexibility you find with that arrangement may open doors you had previously not considered. Renting out chairs can afford you the opportunity to make a profit while building up your experience. Keep your mind and options open as you enhance your portfolio and prepare for the next phase of your styling career.


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