Should You Become An Expat?: 10 Good Reasons To Migrate Abroad


Some people don’t just want to travel abroad – they want to live abroad. There are many great reasons to take the leap and move to another country. Here are just 10 reasons to consider becoming an ex-pat. 

You’ve had an incredible job offer

Many people move abroad in order to pursue job opportunities. If you’ve had an incredible offer to work abroad doing something you love for a good wage, it could be worth grabbing the opportunity. Just make sure to thoroughly research the company/role, as well as weighing up the sacrifices that may be necessary.

You want to study abroad

A lot of people go abroad to study. College fees could be cheaper (possibly even free in countries like Germany) and you could have access to resources and subjects that you may not be able to study back home.

You’ve got family abroad

Moving abroad could be a chance to reconnect with family members. While certain countries like the UK may still ask for a UK spouse visa, you could find that having family makes it easier to access that country than if you didn’t have family.

You want to master a foreign language

The best way to learn another language fluently is to immerse yourself in it. If you want to learn French, moving to a country that speaks it as its mother tongue such as France, Belgium or Canada (mainly Quebec) could help you to master the lingo.

You can’t stand your home country’s climate

This is less likely to be an issue with those living in the US as there’s practically a state for every climate, but if you live in a country such as Iceland or Burkina Faso, moving abroad might be the only way to escape the extreme heat or the extreme cold. Natural disasters could also be a push factor.

You want to experience living in another country

Even if it’s just for a few months to work in a bar, living in another country could give you a whole new perspective of life. It may simply be something to strike off your bucket list, it could be a way of challenging yourself or it could be a means of figuring out what life really means to you. 

The culture is calling out to you

There may be a certain culture that you identify with. It might be the attitude, the religious practices or the customs. Moving abroad could be an opportunity to embrace this culture and feel more at home (although you should expect to leave some cultural comforts behind). 

You prefer the way the country is run

If you live in a country with a government that is corrupt, war-torn, or discriminatory/counterproductive to your beliefs, you may find that moving abroad allows you to live a better life. Even in a first world country like the US, you may still prefer the healthcare or legal system in other countries. 

You’ve weighed up the costs

Moving abroad will cost a lot of money – including transport and visas – and you’ll have to consider the difference in cost of living once you get there. If you’ve already weighed up these costs and feel that you can manage it, this could be another reason to make the move. 

There’s nothing holding you back

Many people are held back by commitments. This could include raising children, climbing the career ladder, or paying off a mortgage. If you have none of these commitments, there’s nothing holding you back from moving abroad. It’s why so many people choose to move abroad when they are fresh out of school or when they are retired. 


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