Questions to Ask Your Psychic


When you go to a psychic, you need to ask the right questions so that you can get the right answers. Maybe you have been going through the mundane things of life and you are not able to feel any type of feelings for someone that you once had.

You used to be very passionate about everything and now you feel that things are boring and that everything in life is just okay. Your job is fine, your relationships are fun, your school is fine, everything is fine.

Maybe you have answers that you need in order to let things be great again.

Asking Questions

When you go to a psychic you need to ask questions that are open ended and not just ye or no questions. You should use the 5 w’s such as when, where, what, who and why so that you can have more insight on what you are asking.

Ask things such as “what situations can I do so that I can get a better figure?” “Who should I see when I need to get more advice on my schoolwork?”

You need your psychic to have deep exploration of your questions and to give you answers that are fully answered and that are deeper. Your psychic needs to be able to feel the energies around you.

Questions to Ask

Here are some great open-ended questions that you can ask your psychic to get the answers that you seek:

  • How do I find happiness in my life?
  • Why did my happiness go away?
  • What kind of changes can I make so I can have joy?
  • How will I know if I need to make major changes in my life?
  • What should I talk to my family about?
  • What do I need to do to get my happiness in (love, job, friendships, home life, etc.)?
  • What am I missing in my life?
  • What kind of guidance do I need?
  • Where is my inspiration?
  • What do I need to let go in life?
  • What calling do I have on my life?
  • What kind of things can I do to bring back my joy?
  • Why do I feel that things are in slow motion?
  • Why do I feel that I am stagnant in life?
  • Why am I disconnected?
  • What do my spirit guides want to tell me?
  • How can I find hope?


  • What kind of job can I get that would bring me joy?
  • How do I know if I am in a temporary job slump or if I need to find a new job?
  • Why do I feel that I am no longer connected at work?
  • What kind of career will help me achieve my highest good in life?
  • How can I re-do myself?
  • What do my spirit guides want to tell me about my job?
  • What can I do to stop being afraid about losing my job?
  • Why am I afraid of moving forward in work?
  • What will get me excited in my work?


  • How can my partner and I get on a deep level of connection?
  • What do my spirit guides say about my relationship?
  • Why do I attract the wrong relationships?
  • Why am I afraid to commit?
  • What is holding my relationship back?
  • Why is my relationship toxic?
  • What can bring me happiness in my relationship?


Always ask questions to your psychic that will give you a deep understanding into what is going on in your life. Accept the answer and do the changes that you need to do to be happy.

Your spirit guides are on your side and they want to give you the information that you need to move forward. When you are ready to get a reading, make sure that you are open minded and that you are ready to hear what your psychic has to tell you.


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