Escape Room Tips and Tricks


When you think of heading into a challenging game, you must be aware of the tips and tricks that will help you win that game. Well, every tricky or puzzled game requires some tips that help you solve them. So, in this article, we are going to advise you with some tips that you must follow if you want to win the escape room challenge.

Escape Room Tips and Tricks

#1.Choose the Right Escape Room

Hey, you are lucky if you live in an area where you are surrounded by multiple escape room options. You can go through all the themes or challenges that these options support and choose the one that finds the most interesting. Choose the one that you feel like you can complete on time and can enjoy to your fullest. If you are trying the Chicago Escape Rooms challenge for the first time, you must try the easiest one. So, you will get an idea about how to deal with the challenges, and then you can try to take a step ahead.

#2.Explore the Room thoroughly

Since you need to get the clues to solve the puzzle, manage your time, and guide your team members accordingly. Don’t leave any item or any stone unfold. It would be better if you divide your team into sub-teams to investigate different sections of the room. This trick will cover a wider area of the room within less time. And this is how you will be able to cover every area and each corner of theHuntington Beach Escape Room so that you won’t regret afterward.

#3.Inform the other team members after finding any clue

Sometimes you are searching for the clue that other members might have already found. Or it may happen that the other member is wasting his/her time in searching the clue that you have already found to complete your puzzle. This will only waste your limited time, and instead of searching the required clues, you will be wasting your time in exploring the one that the other team member has already found. So, it would be better if you shout out or inform the other team members once you find any clue.

#4.Talk and Listen to everyone

Well, of course, if you have made your team, every member must have his/her own experience or knowledge. Everyone doesn’t need to have the same mental sequence. One can suggest you with one great idea and another person with another great idea. So, you must try to listen to everyone and try to have proper coordination between your team members.

#5.Try to get hints

Well, the staff members who are organizing the challenge for you, they want you to complete it. So, don’t feel shy asking for the hints to move in the right direction. So, this is how you will enjoy more and find the challenge comparatively easy.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are the escape room tips and tricks that you must need to follow. These tips will surely help you win the game without facing many difficulties.


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