Proper Women’s Shoe Care


A pair of shoes can make or break a woman. It is the perfect accessory that shows your character wherever you are. Most females own five pairs, and that is only for a specific type of footwear. But it would help if you give women’s shoes the proper care they deserve. If you do not, you will then have one less pair in your closet. It also leaves another big hole in your wallet as you shop again for another pair.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts to help you with your shoe cleaning responsibilities.

Do not machine wash your shoes

No matter what the box says, please never do it. A regular washing machine can damage the glue and rubber that is holding your shoe together. While you can use detergent for cleaning the cloth or mesh parts of the shoes, it should be used sparingly for the other parts since it may leave unnecessary stains and damage. It is best to use a specific cleaning agent. But if you are in a pinch, try using a mixture of equal parts, water and vinegar solution for canvas or white running shoes.

No to everyday shoe wear

The majority of women are shoe fanatics. If you fancy a particular pair and you cannot get tired of it, perhaps you should try getting another pair of the same shoes. Feet sweat even if you do not want them to do so. Allow your shoes to breathe from time to time. Also, the daily wear and tear may cause irreparable damage. So it is best to rotate your shoe repertoire for added variety and longer shelf life of your shoes. If ever you spot a small tear, immediately try and fix it. There are fabric glue options on to choose from. Having a small one fixed earlier will save you money in getting a brand new one. repertoire for added variety and longer shelf life of your shoes.

Dry and store your shoes properly

Regardless of the make, always put your women’s shoes in a cool and dry area. It would be best if you store these by season. Do not use plastic bags because it needs breathing space to avoid the proliferation of mold. Before re-boxing, protect the insides by stuffing the toe area with white acid-free balled-up paper or toilet rolls. If your rubber shoes are soaked to the ribbing, put in a cotton bag with regular rice grains to facilitate faster drying. Wipe off the mud on your leather and shiny shoes to avoid long-lasting stains.

Use cleaning products specifically made for your shoes

It is useful if you have quarterly shoe cleaning time set aside. But you also need to consider the type of cleaning products you use on all of them. There is a specific cleaning product for each of the different shoe types. For instance, there are different colored polishes for leather shoes. You cannot use a tan color to polish a black shoe. And before shampooing a suede shoe, you first need to brush off the dirt.

Put your shoes on properly

Have you experienced putting your shoes on by stuffing it in with a finger? Did you try to adjust the back of the shoe afterward to bring it back to its former state? You must avoid doing this, especially if the leather pump or shoe is sensitive to firm pressure. If you have a snug-fitting shoe, use a shoehorn to help you put it on.


It is impractical to buy more women’s shoes just because you were not able to take care of them well. But following these tips will help secure a longer life span for your footwear, making it more economical for you.


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