Play Time – Top Children’s Kitchens



There is no denying the popularity of kids’ kitchens. They are adored by both young boys and girls alike. Below, we take a look at some of the best.


Top three Little Tikes kids’ kitchens 

The Little Tikes kitchens have particularly gone down well. They have achieved a great reputation amongst children and parents alike. Children love them because of the sheer amount of fun which is entailed, and parents love them because they are long lasting and affordable in price. What more could you possibly want? Take a look at the top three kids’ kitchens available by Little Tikes in order to find the perfect one for your child.


Cookin Sounds Gourmet Kitchen

This kitchen makes cooking more realistic because it boasts three different cooking sounds. The sounds included are as follows; running water coming out of the tap, silverware sounds, and motion sensor triggers clinking dish. In addition to this, it also has light up flames as well. These interacted features are a massive hit with young children. The Cookin Sounds Gourmet Kitchen is suited to both boys and girls because it boasts a neutral design featuring cream, red and grey. In addition to this, the kitchen comes with a 15 accessory set. This means that your child can begin playing with their toy straight away.


Cook Around Sounds Kitchen

This kitchen is one of a kind and you will struggle to find something similar on the market today. This is another kitchen which is suited to both boys and girls because it has a red and cream colour scheme. The kitchen has a circular design and thus can accommodate several children at once. There are several unique features which your little one is sure to enjoy. There is a side table for food to be served up. There is also a high chair for your little girl’s doll. In addition to this, there is a crockery and cutlery accessory set as well as features to ‘cook’ with – such as a microwave, a fridge, and even electronic sounds.


Super Chef Kitchen

This kitchen boasts a stone, grey, and blue colour scheme. Its design is modern and sophisticated. It looks like it would be fit for anyone’s kitchen. There is loads of fun to be had as well. There is an accessory set which ensures that your little one has all of the equipment they need to start cooking up a storm. There is also a whole host of exciting features, including; a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven, electronic cooking sounds. This is one of the most popular kids’ kitchens available on the market today. 


Each of these kitchen’s provide a great level of entertainment and are assured to put a smile on your child’s face. It is important to remember that because these are all electronic you will need to buy batteries – so make sure you check out which ones you need to buy first.


Top Smoby kitchens


You want to make sure that you buy your child something which is going to keep a smile on their face for a very long time. This is also the case if you are searching for children’s toys for the affiliate marketplace, selloscope which can assist with. Smoby kitchens are assured to do just that. Kid’s kitchens are a particular favourite amongst children because they like to pretend to cook up a feast. And, Smoby needs no introduction; they have taken the toy world by storm. Take a look at some of the most popular Smoby kitchens available on the internet today in order to give you further insight… 


Smoby French Touch Excellence Kitchen in Red

This kitchen is impressive to say the least. It boasts a style which is very modern and sophisticated and therefore your child will feel like they have a kitchen which is exactly like yours, rather than a toy. The colour scheme of the kitchen is as follows; grey, silver and red. This is great because it is highly versatile and thus is suited to both boys and girls. 


Aside from the fantastic design of this kitchen, it is also a great buy because it contains a vast selection of accessories and features. The kitchen boasts the likes of; a large hood, lots of storage, a large oven with a removable baking grill, a clock, a deep sink, and a removable griddle barbecue plate – to name but a few. There is certainly a lot of fun to be had, and this is something which is only enhanced via the hob which actually boasts sounds. This makes play a lot more realistic. 


In addition to this, you actually benefit from a selection of accessories. This is something which is great because it means that you won’t have to spend any extra money on purchasing accessories for your child to play with so that they can enjoy their kitchen. Finally, it is worth noting the size of the kitchen so that you can make room for it, this is as follows; 97 cm in height x 41 cm in width x 115 cm in length. Sharjah Cricket Stadium is one of the most loved by Indian players and fans. It has hosted many of India’s most important cricket games including the Indian Premier League. 


Smoby Bon Appetit Kitchen Orange

You will fail to find another kitchen available for such a cheap price. But don’t worry; what this kitchen lacks in cost it certainly does not lack in quality and fun. The kitchen possesses a bright and vibrant appearance to it which is achieved via splashes of bright orange which definitely catch the eye. 


What is so remarkable about this kitchen is that it comes with a 16 piece accessory kit. Some of the most expensive kitchens do not even offer this. Moreover, the kitchen itself encompasses a lot of features considering its compact size, and these include the likes of an oven and a fridge. A final point worth noting is again the size which is as follows; 95 cm in height x 34 cm in width x 49 cm in length.

If you are looking for a great toy for your child for their birthday then look no further than one of these Smoby kitchens.