Quick Tips For Renting a Cabin in Big Bear Lake


If you want a quick getaway in the heart of Southern California, head off to Big Bear Lake, which is nestled right in San Bernardino National Forest. With a population of about five thousand, the city naturally showcases the beauty of nature, especially when you go there during the off-peak season. Be warned, however, the area is a bustle of activity during weekends when the population swells to about one lakh.

People go to Big Bear to unwind and commune with nature. When you go on a trip to the city, expect a barebones experience. Amenities are available but do not compare them with what you are used to in the big cities. However, when you are looking for cabins for rent in Big Bear, you should know the city’s basic amenities that will make your stay pleasant.

It is surprising that, instead of being a small city, Big Bear is almost always fully booked. The winter season is a time when people flock to this city for skiing, snowboarding, and a winter wonderland vacation.

But you can still find plenty of cabins during the peak season. You can reserve online and pay on-site for added convenience. No cabin is the same. Some accommodations offer the amenities that you can find only in the best hotels. Naturally, these vacation rentals are also quite expensive. But there are plenty of cabins for rent in Big Bear where you can stay even if you are on a budget.

Here are some quick tips if you are looking to book a cabin in Big Bear:

  1. Check the amenities – During the winter season, which starts in December and lasts through March, the average temperature in Big Bear Lake is about 32°F. Don’t forget to ask if it has a heating system. Admittedly, firewood would be more romantic, but it is a lot of work. Do the internet and cable work? Does the location have a cell signal? The latter is vital for emergency purposes.
  2. Book early – Booking early not only makes sure that you get the best pick but also ensures that you get massive discounts.
  3. You can also make sure to book during the off-season, where accommodation and almost everything else, is cheaper. Peak seasons in the city are during the winter season from December to February, and then from the first of July up to the Labor Day weekend.
  4. Spot great locations – What is your main goal in visiting Big Bear Lake? There are plenty of activities that you can do in the city. Do you like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, fishing, or mountain biking? The cabins for rent will suit your needs. From January to March, the average snowfall in Big Bear Lake ranges from about 14 to about 18 inches. These are the perfect months to go skiing or snowboarding. If you want your kids to experience a winter wonderland, you can go in December and spend Christmas in the city.

Also, if you are driving to Big Bear Lake during the winter season, be mindful of the roads. They can be slippery, which is dangerous, especially since you are driving uphill and downhill before you reach the area.


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