Newark Airport Rated America’s Worst

Most American airport have seen their fair share of poor rating when it comes to airport ranking. This is mostly due to the long queues at TSA security checks, to desolate terminals that sell items at exorbitant prices, the list goes on and go. This makes most airports in the united states have a reputation for poor rating when it comes to ratings for international airports.

Newark Airport

Newark airport which is also known as Liberty airport which is also popularly referred to as the Newark Liberty International Airport. The Newark international airport was formally known as the Newark Metropolitan airport is located in New Jersey. The Newark airport serves both the city of New Jersey and New York. It is also worthy to note that the Newark airport happens to be the first airport within the New York Metropolitan area, and also the first airport with a control tower. The Newark airport is rated as the 6th busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic and 43rd busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic as it served about 45,393,499 passengers in 2017. Newark airport has witnessed lots of upgrades.

Newark Airport Rating

Just like most American Airports, Newark airport has also witnessed its fair share of poor rating. To be honest, Newark airport is currently rated as the worst airport in the United States. Newark International airport has continued to gain popularity as the worst airport in the United States. Newark airport seems to always lead the losers table in almost every airport rating when it comes to airport rating in the united states. We have seen Newark continue to come in last in almost every airport ranking for the past couple of years.

It is not uncommon to see flights delayed in Newark International airport, this is one of the factors that have heavily contributed to the poor ranking of the Newark International airport. Most travellers of the Newark international airport believe that it has one of the ‘’Longest waits to take off’ and also rated it low when it comes to on time rating. Also, another reason traveller believe that has contributed to the low ranking of Newark airport is the desolate look of the waiting area.

According to the rating, while Newark airport is rated the worst airport in the United States, Lisbon Portela Airport in Portugal, was rated the worst airport in the world and Hamad International Airport in Qatar was rated the best airport in the world.


It seems that the management of Newark international airport is no longer conformable at the ranking and are currently trying to make improvements that would better the airport ranking.  Newark airport is currently engaged in various activities to boost the airport ranking, activities like building a new terminal as well as various top-notch campaigns to improve the scene of restaurants at the airport and also getting new business to open around the airport. All these are aimed at improving the standard of Newark airport.

Parking in Newark Airport

One of such improvements at Newark international airport is to properly accommodate more passengers. Also improved and expanded parking lots would be made to accommodate more cars as well. Speaking of parking lots, despite the poor ranking of Newark airport, the Newark airport parking rates are actually on the high side. If you are traveling from Newark airport and need the best Newark airport parking rate, then Parkos can definitely help you get the best rates for your parking. Airport parking of vehicles when traveling can be stressful but Parkos has simplified it. Parkos is a comparison website that will give you a clear summary of all the different parking providers around Newark Liberty (EWR) Airport at the most affordable rates. Once you have found the parking facility that suits your needs you can go ahead and make a reservation on their website. Rest assured that when you book through Parkos your spot will be reserved for you. With Parkos, airport parking is now much easier. Parkos seeks to provide more transparent and better options to travelers when looking for airport parking. Also, note that some of the parking lots are not located in the airport. If you would love to know more about Parkos enter the site

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