5 Uncommon Things to Look at When Buying a House



There are a lot of things to consider when looking at potential houses to buy. Many of the things you’re told to look for are pretty standard, but there are some things that may not be on your mind when looking over a home. Here are several uncommon things to look at when buying a house to help you make the most educated decision possible.

Go Beyond the House

It’s important to examine the home you’re considering, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look beyond the home. Check out the neighborhood you’re planning on moving to and make sure it fits your needs. If you have children, you’ve probably checked out the local school system, but what about local parks or a new pediatrician’s office?

Is the neighborhood walkable? How close are you to the different highways? Will the location impact your commute? Determining this information before you buy the home can go a long way towards making the adjustment to your new home easier on you and your family. You may find that while the house is perfect, the surrounding area isn’t right for your needs.

Temperature Inside the Home

As you walk around the home during a showing, you’ll want to take note of the temperature inside of the house. If you don’t feel comfortable, this may signal that there’s something wrong with the HVAC system. It’s possible that it’ll need a thorough cleaning at the least, but more likely could require repair or replacement.

The Nose Knows

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It’s common knowledge that homes are staged, even when it comes to how the home smells. Baking cookies and candles are common elements used in staging, but when the scents are overwhelming, it’s possible that the sellers are trying to hide a bad smell. Things like pet odors, smoking, and mold all have offensive smells that can be overpowering. Even more important, these smells could pinpoint issues with the house.

Check the Lawn and Garden for Issues

It can often be beneficial to visit a home that you’re interested in buying after it’s rained. You can look for issues with drainage around the house’s foundation and yard. Flooding can be a real problem in some areas, and it may not be readily apparent until a rainstorm comes through. If it hasn’t rained in a while, you can also look for things like a creek or pond located on or close to the property.

Be Neighborly

Don’t be shy about visiting the neighbors when looking at a home. If you purchase the house, they’ll become your neighbors. You’ll want to get a feeling for the people you’ll be living next to if you move. Plus, these individuals may be able to give you information about the previous or current owners along with insights into the neighborhood.

Checking out these uncommon things when you’re hunting for a new home can help protect you in the long-run. Pick the perfect home for you by going beyond the obvious. Don’t regret your choice of a new home because you didn’t investigate the house and area further.

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