New data reveals the diets that New York residents are most interested in trying, according to Google data

New data reveals the diets that New York residents are most interested in trying, according to Google data


  • The keto diet is the most Googled diet among New York residents with 46,113 average searches made each month for the diet within the state.
  • The Mediterranean diet places second with 33,371 monthly searches.
  • The DASH diet, paleo diet, and alkaline diet complete the top five.


New data reveals the most popular diet in New York with the ketogenic (keto) diet taking the top spot.


The research conducted by FitnessVolt analyzed Google Keyword Planner data to determine which popular diets interest New York residents the most.


The ketogenic (keto) diet took the top spot in the findings. There are 46,113 average monthly searches for keto diet-related search terms in New York, more than any other popular diet. The keto or ketogenic diet replaces a large portion of carbohydrates with fat and protein. However, fat makes up most of the diet. The benefit here is that you cut back on a lot of carbs such as soda and white bread.


The second most popular diet in New York is the Mediterranean diet. The diet has 33,371 average monthly searches for terms related to a Mediterranean diet within the state. Based on foods from the Mediterranean such as whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds, the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, according to many studies, include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and increased lifespan.


In third place is the DASH diet with an average of 8,032 monthly searches being made in New York. Meaning ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’, the aim of the diet is to prevent and control hypertension. The diet doesn’t allow alcohol, added sodium, and foods that are high in saturated fats, among others.


The paleolithic (paleo) ranks fourth with 7,801 average monthly searches being made for the diet in New York. Otherwise known as the ‘caveman’ diet, the diet consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds. According to studies, the paleo diet has helped in lowering blood pressure, aiding weight loss, and improving insulin sensitivity.


Rounding out the top five is the alkaline diet. There are 6,160 average searches made each month in New York for the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet encourages clean eating in the form of high intakes of fruit and vegetables whilst reducing processed foods.


Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from FitnessVolt said: “The popularity of a certain diet can fluctuate for various reasons, such as virality online and endorsements from celebrities. However, this study offers a fascinating insight into which nutritional plans residents in New York are most interested in trying.”



The most Googled diets in New York
Diet Monthly average searches for the diet
Keto diet 46,113
Mediterranean diet 33,371
DASH diet 8,032
Paleo diet 7,801
Alkaline diet 6,160