Mac vs. PC: What Computer Should I Get?


Are you buying a new computer in the near future? Can’t decide Mac vs. PC? Here’s what you need to know when buying a new computer.


Computer sales were up during 2019, ending an eight-year slump. Just how many computers were sold last year? Most estimates agree more than 260 million new units landed on users’ desks.

If you’re in the market for a new computer, you likely have a lot of questions about what to get. One of the oldest and most difficult to answer is Mac vs. PC.

It’s an age-old debate, with users on both sides arguing about why their pick is superior. This guide will help you wade through the debate and make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

The Strengths of PC Computers

There’s no doubt there are more computers running a Windows-based environment. Most manufacturers load Windows onto their laptops and desktops.

Popular brands include Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer. Of the top four computer companies, Apple is the only one that runs macOS.

You immediately have much more choice when you decide to pick a PC. Different manufacturers compete with each other.

They also have more diversity of models. They range from high-end gaming computers to low-cost laptops for even the tightest budget.

Another major advantage is that PC is so common, almost everyone uses it. If you’re getting a computer for work or school, then a PC can be a good choice. You’re almost guaranteed compatibility between different systems and programs.

Windows is sometimes pointed to as being a “poor” program. PC actually gives the user lots of freedom in terms of software as well. Windows allows for a greater degree of customization than macOS.

Windows 10 has also come a long way to offering a better experience. It also offers more accessibility options. If you need support for voice-to-text or other options, Windows may be the right pick.

The Strengths of Mac Computers

In the old PC vs. Mac adverts, Apple touted plenty of reasons Mac was superior. In many ways, those features are still true.

Apple designs macOS to integrate with its hardware, which is one reason there’s less choice when it comes to specs. Apple chooses the “best” hardware so that its software performs well.

This kind of integration isn’t possible when two different companies make the computer and write the software. This happens on a regular basis with PCs.

Macs also tend to come with a fair number of “cool” programs, like Garage Band. While Microsoft has been trying to catch up, Mac’s software bundle still outpaces it.

Macs also tend to have superior screens. That’s one reason fans usually tout them as the solution for anyone working in the visual arts.

Apple also wins points on the security front. If you want to keep your computer safe with minimal effort, then a Mac could be the right choice.

Finally, Apple also looks at the integration of mobile devices. Many people have iPhones and iPads, which makes a Mac easy to connect to.

The Downsides of Mac

Unfortunately, as good as Macs are, they also have their downsides. The biggest one is likely the price. Apple’s design and software integration mean all Macs meet certain “standards.”

For that reason, there’s not really a “budget” Mac option. Macs do tend to be more expensive than their PC counterparts. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a sale or a deal on Macs.

Macs have become more popular in recent years, but compatibility issues still exist. Not everyone uses a Mac, and you may encounter problems if you need to move files between systems or people. Not every app is available for Mac either, which could be a problem if you need a certain program for school or work.

Finally, Macs offer fewer options for customization than Windows-based computers. This means it’s easier to do something like building a custom gaming computer for a PC environment.

Who Wins Mac vs. PC?

Given all the above information, it’s still hard to crown a “winner” in the PC vs. Mac debate. Both PCs and Macs have their strengths and their weaknesses.

You might still be asking, “Should I buy a Mac or a PC computer?” The answer is it depends on what you want the computer for.

If you’re looking for a high-end gaming platform, then a PC is your best bet. If you need a budget laptop that does the bare bones, then you’re going to want to consider a PC.

If you’re involved in the visual arts or music, then a Mac might be the better choice. Diehard Apple fans who already have an iPad or an iPhone may want to consider a Mac computer as well.

Is One Easier to Use?

You’ll often hear Apple fans tout how “easy” it is to use a Mac. This used to be very true. Many people found macOS more intuitive than Windows.

This is changing. Windows 10 has made leaps and bounds in terms of user-friendliness. Today, macOS and Windows are largely comparable platforms.

Many people today have been using a PC for a long time. You may even have grown up using one. If so, then you may find Windows easy to use.

If you’ve used a Mac for a while or you have devices that run on iOS, you may find the Mac easier to use.

It’s important to note that Apple announced macOS 11.0 in June 2020. This signals big changes in the design of the Mac environment. Apple has yet to announce the macOS 11 release date, but people are already heralding it as the biggest change in 20 years.

The Right Tech for Your Lifestyle

Buying a new computer is a big decision. Knowing whether you want a Mac vs. PC is a huge step toward getting a computer that fits your needs and your budget.

Looking for more tech tips to match your devices to your lifestyle? You’re in the right spot. We have advice on the best apps, the latest gadgets, and much more!

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