How to Correct Your Sitting Posture



Many people spend most of their time sitting. From home to school to work, sitting is inevitable. Besides, modern technological advancements expose people to great platforms that keep them glued and, thus, sit for prolonged hours.

According to health experts, poor sitting positions may easily damage the body joints, ligaments, and muscles. Poor sitting positions can also trigger fatigue and other irritating body aches. For this reason, it’s vital to adopt an excellent sitting posture irrespective of where you are or what you are doing.

Here are great tips on how you can correct your sitting posture.

Support the Back

You can only maintain a good sitting position when you support your back well. There should not be any dent or bump on your back which prevents you from lying on the chair well. For this reason, it would be reasonable to invest in high ergonomic chairs. Check out these great lounge chairs that can also provide maximum support on your back to prevent backaches or fatigue. The lounge chairs are adjustable, and they come with great price offers to meet the demands of every user.

If the seat does not have excellent lumbar support, buy a supportive cushion, and place it strategically on your back when sitting. In this way, you will be relaxed when sitting and you will offer maximum support to top the back muscles.

Keep Feet on the Ground

Avoid the sitting positions which leave your feet hanging on the space. When the feet do not touch down, you will get tired quickly, and the chances are high that you will be uncomfortable. Besides, you will strain the hip muscles as they try to support the weight of the leg.

If your chair is quite high and the legs do not touch the ground, invest in a supportive footrest to place the feet. Also, avoid the high heeled shoes when sitting down so that you can keep your feet in a flat position. In this way, you will feel comfortable, and you provide maximum support to your body.

Maintain Direct Eyesight to the Computer

The level of your chair should be the same as that of your office computer. When the computer is at a raised platform, you will strain your back muscles as you struggle to reach its level. Also, avoid placing the desktop too near or too far from you.

If you use a laptop, consider putting an external keyboard or mouse so that you don’t bend too much to reach its levels. You can invest in a simple table whenever you are placing the computer gear.


Prolonged Sitting

Health experts advise people to take regular breaks. The frequent breaks help you to relax and to stretch to prevent backaches. If you work for 10 hours per day, for instance, four to five breaks would be enough to help you relax. During that period, you may decide to take tea, talk over the phone, or even chat.

You can also choose to go for a random walk in the nearby area. If possible, set phone reminders to alert when the time to rest is due. By so doing, you will prevent the long term effects of sitting for prolonged periods.

Train Yourself

You may not readily change to a new sitting position which you are not used to. The process might take time and effort too. If you had been suffering from back pain in the past, find new ways of improving your posture.

Besides reading this guide, you may go through other sites that teach the right sitting positions. Read the online tutorials, view videos, and look for an expert to show you how to maintain the correct sitting position. You may also buy supportive posture clothes and self-train yourself. You will be conversant with the new tricks after a short period if you maintain discipline.

Observe Regular Medical Visits

The last tip is to observe regular medical checkups. The routine checkups will allow your medical practitioner to examine you and diagnose any early bodily problems. The checkups can also help in the treatment of existing back problems. So don’t wait until you start experiencing back pains to visit a clinic. Observe the visit regularly, and you will prevent the long term body effects associated with sitting down for an extended period.

An upright sitting position can protect you from fatigue, body injuries, and chronic conditions too. So, find a good chair and a desk, and learn to sit uprightly. Set reminders, mainly if you forget quickly. Keep practicing, sleep well, and only sit when necessary. By so doing, you will have fruitful days and good health too.


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