Love Precision? 4 Hobbies for Perfectionists

Perfectionists put enormous pressure on themselves in every aspect of their lives. Whether they are working, building a new business, or working on a personal project, perfectionists have to make sure that every detail is done exactly right. Perfectionists love a challenge, so they tend to choose hobbies that can test them. There are some really great hobbies which lend themselves perfectly to the personality of high achieving perfectionists as they enable them to get creative to the highest possible standards.

Here are four hobbies that are absolutely perfect for self-confessed perfectionists.

Miniature Modeling

Miniature modeling is a great hobby for perfectionists because there are so many different stages of the process which require care and skill. The first thing that miniature modelers have to do is to print their models out with a 3D printer. The experts at explain that this is not as easy as just pressing PRINT on a computer. Every setting and configuration has to be exactly right for the printer to create a perfect model. If they’re not, then the nozzle can drip, or the layers can dry unevenly, which will completely ruin the model.

After the miniature has been printed, the next stage is a painting, which is incredibly tricky and takes patience and talent. Miniature models are so tiny that painting all of the minute details accurately is the ultimate challenge for a perfectionist.


Knitting may seem like somewhat of an antiquated hobby, but it has seen a big resurgence in recent years. Knitting is another ideal hobby for perfectionists because it requires them to start from absolute scratch and create something stitch by stitch. If even one stitch is incorrect or an additional stitch is added by mistake, it can completely ruin the whole garment.

There are many different kinds of knitting patterns that perfectionists can learn and experiment with. Knitting is a skill that takes a lifetime to learn, and so it is great for perfectionists who want to broaden their abilities and try a new challenge. Perfectionists always take a lot of pride in their work, so having something to show at the end of their efforts is also very appealing.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is a great hobby for anybody to start, no matter what age or artistic ability. Unlike some other mediums of painting, watercolor is relatively easy to take up, and you can pick up a decent set of paints relatively inexpensively. For perfectionists, watercolor painting provides the opportunity to really push the boundaries of their artistic skills and judge their progression through their artwork. One good way to gauge progress is by painting the same landscape a few times and compare the finished pictures to see where improvements have been made.

Watercolor painting requires a high level of precision in the foreground where individual details such as leaves need to be highlighted. The transition from the foreground of the painting to the background needs a good eye, and so the best watercolor painters need to rely on their judgment and patience to make sure that the balance is right.

Stop Motion Movies

There is perhaps no method of movie-making that requires more time, precision, and patience that stop motion movies. Nick Park, the creator of the famous Wallace and Gromit movies, explains that stop motion claymation movies are the absolute test of patience. There are so many elements to make a stop motion that a perfectionist must get right in order to create something special.

First of all, they must make their clay figures, which requires creativity and skill. It can be very difficult for amateurs to make figures that look exactly the same each time but stop motion claymation movies require multiple figures. Then, to make the movie, these figures must be shot with tiny adjustments made between shots, which can take weeks to just produce a few minutes of a movie. After all the visuals have been shot, the movie needs to be cut and edited, and sound and music to be produced and added over the top.


Being a perfectionist is a 24/7 job, but even the biggest perfectionists need some downtime. For many perfectionists, however, doing a hobby is less a chance to relax and switch off than it is just another opportunity for a challenge. Finding the right hobby can be difficult for people who are so stringent about detail and quality and so they need to find activities that test all of their skills. If you are a perfectionist, try out some of the hobbies in this article.


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