6 New Activities You Can Try The Next Time You Visit The Beach


While the summer is almost over, there are still a few more weeks of heat and sun available. Why would you ever plan on spending it at home? Getting to the beach is a fantastic way to take advantage of all of this weather while also having a great time with your family and friends. What should you do at the beach though?



Swimming and tanning are the two most popular activities, but they can start to get a little boring. It is always recommended that you find new activities that can spice up your beach time and make it that much more exciting. Here are 6 new activities that you can try the next time you visit the beach.

1. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding has been all the rage this summer and the summer before it. This is due to a few reasons. First of all, it is extremely easy to do. While there is some balance required, anyone can get the hang of it and easily paddle to wherever they would like to go. Next, it is a great workout that works your arms and your core. Finally, it doesn’t require a boat or anything fancy.

If the water is calm, get yourself one of these boards and get out on the water. The experts from StandUpPaddleBoardsReview.com mention that it is a great activity for families as well as you all can rent or purchase boards and go on an adventure together. There is a reason these boards have become so popular. Next time you are at the beach, give stand up paddleboarding a try.

2. Go Fishing

Not many people think of bringing a fishing rod and lure to the beach, but it can be a great time. Find yourself a nice quiet area or a dock that leads further into the water and cast your line out and relax. This is a great alternative to tanning as well, as not only will you be able to get the sun that you need, but you will also be doing an activity. Call up some friends and bring a few drinks along and you will be prepared to have a great afternoon with them. Get yourself a fishing license and go to the beach and fish.

3. Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball can be tough to play, especially if there is no net on the beach. However, if you see that there is one there, bring a ball and try it out. It is a great activity to play as it does give you a good workout while being plenty of fun. The sand will also prevent any falling injuries so feel free to go for diving plays in the game. Grab a few people and get a rally going!

4. Surfing

Have you ever seen people surfing on big waves and thought that you wanted to try it? While it can be a little intimidating at first, you will be in good hands with instructors who teach you how to surf and how to ride the waves properly. It is a great activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. Not only that, but you will look quite cool out in the water as everyone looks on. Pick up a surfboard and ride yourself through the waves.

5. Build a Sand Castle

While most people think building a sandcastle is only for little kids, it can actually still be a lot of fun. With the right group of friends, you can use the time to build something extremely elaborate. Don’t let other people discourage you either, a great sandcastle will not only look impressive but will catch the attention of everyone else on the beach. Go find your old sand pail and try to make a fancy castle.

6. Football or Frisbee

Finally, bring yourself a football or a frisbee and toss it around in the water. There is a lot of fun to be had with any object that can be thrown or caught. You don’t even have to make it into a big game or competition. Simply tossing these things around is plenty of fun and will get everyone involved.


These six activities will guarantee that you have a blast at the beach the next time you are there. Assemble up a group of friends and talk beforehand about what you all would like to do. From there pick up the necessary supplies and bring some snacks and water for the day. Don’t forget the sunscreen either as you don’t want to end up with a nasty burn at the end of the day. What do you plan on doing on the beach?

Whatever activity you and the family decide to try for the next trip, make sure to keep everyone protected from the sun. Most beach activities will require you to stay under direct sunlight for a certain period of time. Always bring your sunscreen with you and make full use of beach essentials like a large summer umbrella or a portable beach chair while resting in between activities.