Long-Distance Relationship: 5 Helpful Tips To Keep The Love Burning


Long-distance relationship, also widely known as LDR, is a relationship setup where lovers are far apart from each other for a significant period. There are many reasons for this setup, however, the most common of them is due to career, and the other one is that both are living away from each other from the get-go.

LDR setup ends a lot sooner due to several reasons— and the most common is due to longing. The absence of a partner in a significant period can make you sad. As such, the longing caused by the absence of the other can gradually reduce the fires of love present.

To prevent your relationship from flaming down, you need to find out what parts of your relationship are failing and try to strengthen them. Also, seek additional support from a family or friend to help you get through and try reading helpful articles about relationships like this to give you a more systematic approach.

Ignite a Sensual Conversation

When it comes to constant chatting and video calls, which is a common LDR practice, sometimes it helps when you sexualize your conversation. It gives you the psychological stimulation to want each other more. It provides a sense of excitement, making you think only of your partner.

For starters, you can try teasing each other up with romantic ideas such as love-making strategies, rose petals on the bed, candlelight dinner, etc. Suggesting a romantic movie can also do the trick. You can both watch it separately and talk about it the next time. Be creative and imaginative enough to maintain an exciting conversation.

You could also open up for an alternative when it comes to actual sexual pleasure that you cannot have in the meantime. This alternative includes self-administered satisfaction using adult toys such as dildos, masturbators like autoblow pulse, fleshlights, etc. An open conversation about this can help both of you relieve the sexual longing caused by the long-distance relationship.

Trust and Honesty Reassurance

The most critical factor in every LDR, in every relationship in general, is trust and honesty. It is the very foundation of a strong and healthy relationship. However, once these core values are taken for granted, love, another essential factor, begins to fade.

To prevent these things from happening, you must reassure yourself how much you trust each other and that you would never do anything that could hurt your partner. You also need to communicate openly and honestly to avoid suspicions.

More importantly, never make your significant another feel that you are untrusting just because you think something is not correct. Gut feelings are not always right; thus, it needs confirmation. Also, do not accuse without confirming your accusations first. More than dishonesty and deception, being untrusting can get your relationship in trouble.

Possessiveness Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Possessiveness rings a negative notion when you relate it to relationships. Who would want an excessively possessive partner, right? It is like freedom outside a cage that is inside a giant cage. You get the picture, right? Some would say that a possessive person as a partner can drain you and suffocate you mentally.

However, it is not always a bad thing. Sometimes being possessive is necessary to let your partner know that you are really into him/her. There has to be a concept like healthy possessiveness. Somehow, it acts as a defense mechanism towards a cold and fleeting relationship. You will tend to assert your love and affection in a way that is perceived as possessive.

Relearn Your Seductive Capabilities

LDR takes away your natural charisma. It prevents you from expressing your seductive aura. However, there are ways to revive your beautiful nature, even in a long-distance relationship setup. All you need to do is a makeover. Try everything in your power to look and feel gorgeous so that when the regular calls and video calls arise, an irresistible aura awaits your partner on the screen.

Add The Excitement Factor

The dull and boring feeling echoes when you are all alone. In effect, being away from your partner makes it harder for both of you to feel excited occasionally. Hence, during every video chat opportunity, try to let your partner expect something from you when you meet again. For instance, you can promise to go on a trip with just you two alone or cook your partner a delicious meal or try to discuss how to spice your night together using adult toys. Doing so will give you something to look forward to.


Keeping the love burning in a long-distance relationship is a challenging task. One of the many trials you can encounter while in an LDR is trusting and waiting patiently for your partner’s return. Another is the longingness for physical touch and affection. It would be best to overcome all these by knowing what to do when the situation arises.

Remember, no matter what relationship setup you are in, keeping it steady and strong requires a tough mind and a soft heart. Never let distance dictate the kind of love that you can give. Love anyway.


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