Keep Your Ears Clean With These Useful Tips



Unlike other parts of the body, experts say that it’s best to leave your earwax alone. This is because your ear is able to clean itself.

However, some people make more earwax than needed. Hence, resulting in blockage, hearing loss, earache, tinnitus, and feeling of fullness in the ear. When too much earwax buildup isn’t treated, it could lead to infection and other issues.

If you’re someone who produces more earwax than necessary, here are some tips to ensure that it’s always clean.

See a Professional

Taking care of your ears is important. And there’s no better way to do that than seeing an ear specialist as they’re the only ones who can give your proper ear wax removal service and other treatments that you might need to hear better. They can also help you take care of your ears.

The rule of thumb is to have your ears professionally cleaned at least every six months. This way, you’re also guaranteed that your ears are monitored well.

Clean with Damp Cloth

Many people use cotton buds and swabs to clean their ears. But, they’re not ideal to use for cleaning your ears.

Apparently, cotton buds and swabs can make your hearing issues worse. When used on the ear canal, it will only push your ear wax back and worsen your ear problem. Additionally, using it could puncture your eardrums and cause hearing loss.

What you can do, though, is to use a damp cloth instead. But, remember to only use it to clean the outsides of your ear. Gently wipe around your ear, as well as on the entrance of your ear canal.

Don’t Use Ear Candles


If you’ve been spending too much scrolling through social media platforms, you’ve probably seen videos of random people trying out ear candling. Usually done by massage therapists, beauty salons, and herbalists, it is believed to suction the earwax out of your ears, making it easier to clean them.

However, experts warn the public not to do it. It turns out, it’s ineffective and risky. Not only will it cause burns, ear canal obstruction, and even damage to the membrane that separates the middle ear and the ear canal.

Remember, not everything you see online is real and effective. It’s always best to consult a professional when it comes to taking care of your body.

Dry Your ears

Believe it or not, but you also have to keep your ears dry. This way, you can prevent excess moisture that could lead to infections that aren’t only uncomfortable but can also affect your hearing.

When you sweat, get water in your ears after taking a bath or swimming, or when you’re exposed to prolonged humid weather, make sure to dry your ears by wiping your outer ear with a soft cloth. You can also tip your ear to the side to drain water from your ear canal. Then, blow-dry your ears on the lowest setting to ensure it’s completely dry.

With clean ears, you’re able to connect to the world and you’re sure to stay comfortable. So, make sure to clean your ears properly and see specialists from time to time.