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Kate Connick was born and raised in Connecticut, one of three daughters to the power couple, Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre.

Together they have been Kate’s inspiration and are part of the reason she created her clothing line. Kate’s mother and former supermodel, Jill, was the face and body behind brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Valentino, and magazines including Cosmopolitan, Self, Shape, and Italian Harper’s Bazaar. Jill has traveled all over the world and has accumulated an incredible sense of style which she has passed on to her daughters. Kate’s dad, Harry Connick Jr., has taught her the value of hard work and the desire to discover what makes her happiest. She describes him as the perfect mentor, parent, and role model, as well as one of the happiest people she knows. Kate looks up to both of her parents and loves to see the outfits the power couple often put together, from athleisure to black tie. When Kate began her modeling career, she visualized a symbol: two rings connected by a ribbon. It was this vision of connection that led Kate to design clothing that connected her to her family and friends. She loves the strong bond of her relationships and believes in dreaming big and taking on new opportunities and challenges. Kate strives to create strong, everlasting relationships with the people in her life and is always looking for new inspirations for her clothing line. Kate loves to share her story and would love for you to share yours too.

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