Is It Time To Go Fibre Optic With Your Broadband?



Copper wires were primarily designed for voice transmission. Today, users need more than just voice transmission, thereby making fibre optic a necessary option. Homes and companies need a stable internet connection to carry out various essential tasks. If you contemplate switching to fibre optic broadband, then this information might be useful for you.


Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you should consider fibre optic over traditional copper wires.


  1. Greater Bandwidth


As mentioned above, with copper wires, you might not get more than just voice transmission. They also have limited bandwidth, which means you can’t do much with them. With fibre-optic broadband, you get enough bandwidth to carry lots of data compared to what you get from copper cables of almost the same diameter.


Fibre optic broadband has been considered the best solution for homes and companies that need a reliable internet connection. However, to accumulate more significant benefits, find the best broadband providers. Note that there is variation in terms of speed and reliability among broadband companies.


  1. Faster Speeds


Your home or business is missing out if you have not upgraded to fibre optics. The cables have a core with light that transmits data. Therefore, with them, you get access to high internet speeds that could double the productivity of your business.


Fibre optics can transmit signals at speeds that are only 31 per cent lower compared to the speed of light. This is the kind of speed your business needs to stand out from the competition. You will also get minimum signal degradation if you opt for fibre optic cables. Hence you might not encounter any downtime.


  1. Cloud Access


Modern businesses need elaborate relationship management tools and excellent data storage. Cloud is a valuable tool that enables all these to happen without spending too much effort. It is reported that at least 96% of organizations globally use the cloud to manage essential tasks daily.


The high speeds of fibre optic cables mean faster access to information available in the cloud. If your business can encounter limited delays when accessing the cloud, it gains a competitive edge against its rivals. If your customers experience limited delays while accessing your services, they will always come back for more.


  1. Reliability


Today, you need to get a reliable connection. Fibre optic cables are way stronger and more resistant to elements compared to copper cables. Since the internet connection provided by fibre optic cannot be damaged or stalled by bad weather, your business will always stay connected. Humans and electricity cannot damage fibre due to how it is installed.


Due to unreliable internet connections, your business will not be able to enhance the customer experience. Today, customers have gone tech-savvy. They are looking for companies that understand their needs in terms of consistent internet connection with limited downtimes.


  1. Symmetric Speeds


Symmetric speeds mean that the upload and download speeds are similar. This is what you need to get from a stable internet connection. Your employers can benefit from symmetric rates when your company is connected to fibre optics.


Though symmetric speeds are not necessary, it can be beneficial for your business operations. For instance, symmetric speeds are necessary where employers are likely to make video calls while uploading and downloading content simultaneously.



If you are not sure whether your home or business needs fibre optic, then the tips above could help you decide. Check out broadband comparison site Broadband Choices for more information on the benefits of fibre optics and how you can get the best deal in your area.

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