Is An SUV Right For Me? A Buyer’s Guide


Are you in the market for a new or used car? What an exciting time. Apart from your home, a car is usually one of the largest purchases you will make in life. And that’s why it is not a decision that you want to rush into or take lightly. You want to ensure that you buy a quality vehicle that will stand the test of time, be easy to maintain, and reliably get you from A to B, every day.

One type of car that is becoming increasingly popular with modern professionals is the Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV.

In this article, we’ll explore if an SUV is the right purchase for you. Read on to find out more.

What is an SUV?

A Sports Utility Vehicle is a type of car that is a hybrid between traditional off-road vehicles like four-wheel-drives and other types of cars, like sports cars or sedans and hatchbacks.

They are typically larger than a sedan or hatch, but not quite as big as a true off-road vehicle.

They have some off-road capabilities, like all-wheel-drive, but can handle urban environments just as well. This makes them the ideal choice of car for folk who live and work in the city, but who like to get away and go camping or to the snow.

Is an SUV in Your Budget?

Now SUVs tend to be more expensive than smaller cars, simply because they are larger and therefore cost more to build. They also have other features like more storage and towing capacity that tend to command a higher price tag.

The first thing you want to do is consider the costs associated with buying used and new SUVs.

If you’re financing your purchase through a lender, they should have some online calculator tools that will tell you how much you can afford to borrow and what your repayments will be. Match these figures with the car you want to buy and how much you can afford in weekly or monthly repayments.

Once you have decided whether an SUV is within your realms of affordability, then you may choose one as your next new car purchase.

Where Will You Drive?

This is the next question you need to ask yourself. If you drive primarily in the city, for instance to work and back again, and out to the shops on the weekend, then you may not need a larger SUV.

While there are smaller Sports Utility Vehicles on the market that are well-suited to city driving, you may find that a sedan or hatchback is a better choice. This will depend on your storage needs, how many people you’d like to be able to transport in your car, and so on.

If you plan to drive both in town and in the outback or the snow, then an SUV is probably the perfect choice. But if you want to have a vehicle that has full off-road capabilities, then a traditional four-wheel-drive might be a better choice.

Towing Capacity

Next, figure out if you will ever need to tow anything. This could be a trailer or a caravan. You’ll find that SUVs have a decent towing capacity, so this may help to inform your decision.

A Car Choosing Conclusion

We’ve explained what an SUV is above.

First, figure out if your budget allows for this type of car, as they can fetch a higher price than other vehicles. Next, determine where you will be driving most of the time. And finally, if you regularly need to tow things, an SUV almost certainly is the right choice of car for you.