How to Pick Out the Perfect Clothes for Your Body Shape



Women naturally love looking good and always searching for the perfect outfit but most women face the difficulty of choosing what will fit them perfectly. Knowing one’s shape and dressing accordingly is the main challenge women face. One will often hear questions like, “Will this outfit fit me?

The amazing thing is that there is an amazing outfit for everyone, the main goal is to get the best fit. How to choose the best dress for one’s size from womens clothing online.

Apple shape body

For apple shape bodies, when shopping for women’s clothes online, have these few tips in mind:

Apple shape bodies need to wear clothes that do not focus a lot on the mid-section and waist. Ideally, go for V-neck empire waist dresses and tops, wrap dresses, and A-line dresses. When buying tops, go for those that cover the belly area completely and goes just below the hip area.

Do not go for double-breasted jackets, any bulky tops, or clingy clothes. Rather, layered tops and tunics will be a perfect fit.

Apple-shaped bodies should not go for skinny jeans and straight leg pants if the but flared or boot cut pants with back pockets will be the bomb.

If using a belt on your jean, wear it below the bust area so it can create curves and reduce the waist.

Pear-shaped body

Women with pear-shaped bodies can highlight their shoulders using scarves, bright necklaces, and pashminas to balance their shape.

Avoid going for tight pants, capri pants, or even short and pencil skirts as flared pants and A-line skirts will make a better fit.

Wear more of dark and solid colors for bottom outfits and bright or light colors for tops.

Rectangular body shape

Curves are one thing that every woman loves seeing when they put on their clothes. The good thing with curves is that they can still be created for those who do not have using clothes and accessories.

Rectangular body shape women can wear a belt at the tiniest area of the waist to highlight it. Ideally, go for wrap dresses and empire-waist clothes.

Crop tops always fit women with rectangular body shape. Highlight the shoulder and bust areas more with ruffled or pleated tops while matching them with accessories that accentuate the upper part of the body.

When going for underwear, make sure to purchase one which offers amazing breast support and defines the waistline area more giving it more beauty.

Peplum jackets, tops, dresses, and skirts will give this hourglass shape look.

Hourglass shape

For hourglass-shaped bodies, it is essential to highlight the curves hence go for clothes that reveal the waistline area.

Avoid buying baggy clothing if you are hourglass-shaped and focusing on a narrow waist dress is the best way to make your hips and bust show well.

Go for undergarments that fit perfectly and use the right size for a bra. Do not use shapeless bras that make the cleavage look exhausted.

Go more for V-neck tops, dresses, pencil skirts, and shirts that highlight the breast area.


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