Important signs you’re ready for a new pair of glasses


When was the last time you changed your glasses? It’s not always easy to give up a faithful pair of frames. But there are some tell-tale signs that you just cannot ignore! Read on to discover some important signs that you’re ready for a new pair of glasses.

You no longer like the style

If you no longer like your current style of glasses then you don’t need to settle for them. Perhaps you initially chose your current design because of a lack of choice or because you felt pressured by the sales assistant to make a decision. Thankfully, you’ll find a wide range of various styles, shapes, colors, and materials online, such as these beautiful Oakley glasses. Whether you fancy something completely different, you want to experiment with a new color, or you want to find a frame that complements your face shape and skin tone, a simple search online will help you find the right pair for you and your lifestyle.

You want modern features

These days glasses are brimming with incredible technological features to help make our lives easier and to help us feel more comfortable. From blue-blocking lenses to light-reactive solutions, lightweight frames, scratch-resistant materials and of course UV protection. If you think you’ll benefit from eye strain reduction, tougher materials and improved eye health then upgrade your lenses and frames as soon as possible!

You’re suffering from headaches

Headaches come and go for all kinds of reasons. Stress, fatigue, illness, even strong smells, and other environmental factors can trigger them. But if you’ve noticed that you’re battling with an increased number of headaches recently then it could be a sign that you’re ready to book an eye exam and find a new pair of frames.

Your glasses are damaged

If you’re someone who’s had their current frames for a while, then chances are they’re looking a little worse for wear. Scratched lenses, lopsided frames, loose-fitting arms, and nose-bridges held together with sticky tape…if any of this sounds familiar then you should head online and find your next pair of glasses – something a little more durable might be better suited to your lifestyle.

They’re never clean

An unmissable sign that you’re ready for a new pair of frames, is the fact that your current pair never seem to be clean. If smears, marks, and stains are a common sight on your lenses, despite your finest efforts to clean them, then start looking for your next pair straight away! Dirty glasses are incredibly frustrating and make your vision blurred and unclear, which totally defeats the object.

You’re squinting more

Are you squinting to see things, even though you’re wearing your glasses? It’s common for people to squint to help their eyes to focus better. If you find yourself squinting more these days, then your prescription is probably out of date.

Final thoughts…

Choosing a new pair of frames is incredibly exciting. With so many online options to choose from you’re bound to find something that will complement your style and suit your lifestyle.


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