I tried truSculpt 3d at Advanced Rejuvenation Center

I am determined to lose weight. But I need a little help.  When “Dr. Liv” told me about truSculpt 3D   I had to try it. There is no down time and the procedure is done in about an hour.  From your hair to your feet, Advanced Rejuvenation Centers will help you look ( and feel better) for your free consultation call: 914 500 9594

Special limited time offer: free Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) to 2 areas (of the face) with the purchase of one hour treatment which includes fat reduction from flanks (“love handles”) AND abdomen: $2800,  24% fat reduction is the average result
take off another $200 when you mention StacyKnows.com
Did you over do it all little too much this summer??
Try truSculpt 3D body contouring or SculpSure, I have tried have BOTH machines, truSculpt uses radiofrequency energy, SculpSure uses laser energy to damage the lypocytes – fat cells, which are then eliminated and excreted by the body over the next 3 months. the procedure can be repeated 2-4 weeks later until the desired result is obtained. Results will be more rapid and permanent if weight is maintained.

Coolscupting sounds cool but truSculpt is hot. 

TruSculpt and Sculptsure both have BIG advantages over Coolsculpt: because heat is used, the skin gets tightened as well, something that does not happen with Coolsculpt, shorter duration treatments, less pain.
TruSculpt can attack more and smaller areas , such as back of arms, neck, above knees. The treatment is painless and doesn’t require any downtime. The system can be used on multiple parts of the body, including stomach, thighs, and under the chin.
 Furthermore truSculpt can be done in the privacy and convenience one’s home for an additional fee of course


1/2 hour treatment with either truSculpt 3D or ScupSure: $1500 that would be 4 applicators on Sculpsure or the abdomen only on truSculpt, or another equivalent area, such as flanks or thighs
1 hour on truSculpt 3D or 8 applicators on SculpSure $2800 includes 2 free areas of Botox or similar



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For your free consultation call: 914 500 9594

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