How Your Life Story Can Inspire Other People


Someone once said there is a difference between living and existing. The difference between the two depends on the choices you make as an individual. Existing, they said, is living a life with no purpose and one in which you don’t impact those around you. Living, on the other hand, is making sure you leave a mark in the lives of those who come across you or those around you. Well, you can touch or even transform other people’s lives through your lifestyle, your achievements, your behavior, and the way you carry yourself, among other things.


Well, you don’t always have to be an extraordinary achiever to be an inspiration to someone else. You can inspire a person by simply telling them your life story. But can you? If you can, how do you go about it? In the following piece, we will look at some ways through which you can inspire the people around you, from your close circle to total strangers.

Tell Your Story

As long as you are living, your life has a storyline – one that can help make a difference in someone else’s life. There are many ways to go about it regardless of what you may or may not be willing to share. For instance, you can start a blog and provide content about your life and things you are passionate about. You can also do so through an autobiography book, especially if you are an enthusiast, achiever, or expert in certain disciplines that affect people’s lives. As per the sentiments from Gabriela KD, you can get your own life story at published with just a few affordable and simple steps. Since everyone has a unique experience in issues like relationships, career, money, and business, you will also not have to write your publication as long as you know your way around it.

Be True To Yourself

In the current world, everyone is trying to like someone else. We lack authenticity in our own living. What you need to keep in mind is that that person whom you view as an idol lives his own life. It’s okay to take lessons from how someone else has lived their life but don’t try walking in their shoes. Be true to YOU. If you want to be an inspiration to people, you need to live a life in which you have your own terms. If you feel that there is something your heart isn’t into, then take yourself away from it. Authenticity is recognized from far and is always the source of inspiration to others. The hard part about it is that it won’t be easy. The influence is always there, wanting to live a life like others is part of being human. It will be hard to be true to yourself but will be worth it in the end.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Inspiring other people doesn’t require big talks about how you live. Words are never a source of inspiration. They will just motivate people for a particular task and that’s it. the way you lead your life and choose what to do is the greatest source of inspiration for those around you. You can decide to take a role in your local city council, in your religious leaders, or join clubs that support certain causes. The bottom line is you need to do something you love and show passion for it. This kind of engagement is what brings joy and happiness to your life. It is very easy to be inspired by someone who does what they do with passion.

Show Your Enthusiasm

If you want to be an inspiration to people, you need to express passion in what you do. You can easily influence people by showing your passion and interest in something you like. The influence comes from the curiosity that people get when they are trying to figure out what it is about this thing you like so much that drives you. They wonder why you so much love what you love. Taking the time to figure the drive behind your passion for something is what ends being an inspiration. If, therefore, you want to be an inspiration to anyone, do what you love, and openly express your excitement.

Excel In Your Endeavors

Even at the moment, there is a person you find inspiring to you. One of the most probable reasons you find them inspiring is because they are successful at something they did or are doing. Excelling at what you do makes you worth emulating. To successfully inspire people means to get them to emulate something about you. Most people are inspired by musicians, athletes, actors, and career people because of the success they have had over time in what they do. To become an inspiration to others around you, you need to seek excellence in what you do. Excellence will come if you are passionate about whatever you put your mind to doing. When you build a reputation for consistent excellence, then you become a figure worth emulating.

Build Your Character

One thing about people is that they will always follow the positive in life. While reputation is what people think you are or how they view you to be, a character is what you view and see yourself to be. This is what matters most. As earlier mentioned, you need to be true to yourself. You need to live your life on your terms. Build a character based on how you view yourself and not what people think and take you to be. Reputation is temporary as people’s ideas about you will forever vary. A genuine and good character will always speak and in turn, build you a good reputation. This is what will inspire those around you.

Make People Feel Good about Themselves

Rarely will people remember what you said or did but how you made them feel? You can always treat them as they potentially can be and by so doing help them become as they should. It is always a good thing to compliment and acknowledge the baby steps that people are making. Tell people what you like about them and the feeling they get from that complement will forever ring in their minds. With time they will adore you and easily emulate your ways. There is no other better influence than a positive one.


Share Your Experiences and Lessons

As much as it’s important to major in what you do more than you say when inspiring people, it is always good to tell them something about what you have been through and what you have learned in the process. Any information you have on hold and you think can be of help to others, share it. Share your failures as well not only your successes. With this, you are both honest and truthful, a very good source of inspiration to many.

Being an inspiration to people is never about the multitude of your words but your authenticity in life and the warmth you show when interacting with people. If you want your life story to be an inspiration to others, follow the tips in this piece.


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