Fast way to find spare parts for TVS diodes

Manual selection of substitutes for electrical parts has long been an ineffective waste of engineers’ time. Cross-sectional analysis of several directories takes from several hours to several days. It depends on the number of parts to be compared. Another complication is that different manufacturers give different names to identical models. Even one extra character in the name makes it difficult to create common tables. And if there is a new product on the market, you can easily miss out on the ideal, lower-priced counterpart if you don’t know the exact name.


Selection of analog for TVS diodes

Manual selection of substitutes for electrical parts is time-consuming and requires a highly qualified technician to fully verify all characteristics. To find a suitable substitute for a TVS diode, you need to know at least several manufacturers whose products are of similar quality. Then all data from several catalogs must be placed in one pivot table and analyzed. Among the criteria that need to be compared in the first place are:

• PCB base area;

• Diagrams of seats;

• Length, width and number of leads;

• Polarity;

• Rated power;

• Breakdown voltage;

• Working voltage;

• Voltage limitation;

• Peak impulse current.

But even that may not be enough. If the device is very complex and expensive, then it will not be superfluous to check the results of laboratory tests carried out by manufacturers. And this information is even more difficult to obtain and compare.

SourcingBot automates and simplifies the search for substitutes for TVS diodes

The SourcingBot service has automated the process of matching analogs. This will help you reduce your search time from hours to minutes or even seconds. You just need to enter the brand name and model in the search field. For example, Würth Electronics 824500361. The system has selected almost 50 analogs. Among the names are such renowned manufacturers as Littelfuse, Vishay, Bourns, and ON Semiconductor. Brand names can be filtered if you work only with certain factories, or, conversely, do not trust any company. In this case, it can be excluded from the search. The results are ranked according to the degree of compliance with the source in percent.

In addition to TVs diodes, analogs for various electrical spare parts are loaded into the site database. You can select substitutes for resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, and terminal blocks. You will also see all possible offers from various dealers, including price, stock availability, and delivery speed.