How to Use Powdered Collagen


Collagen is defined as a structural protein found in connective tissues in your body and in your skin. While you have collagen in your body naturally, it can diminish over time and due to many outside causes. Luckily, you have another option, which is to use collagen supplements like a powdered form of collagen. Here are some things to know about this type of collagen and how it can be used.

Types of Powdered Collagen

Before you learn about the different ways to use powdered collagen, you should understand that there are different types to choose from.


One of the most popular types is called collagen peptides, which is what the industry is now seeing the most of. Collagen peptides are made primarily from beef gelatin proteins, but like all powdered collagen, it dissolves in any type of liquid.

Other types:

Marine collagen – Marine collagen is simple another way to describe fish collagen. Instead of coming from beef or poultry, this instead comes from the scales of fish.

Beef collagen – Typical beef collagen is from cows, but it is closer to gelatin, where it gels after you use it. This is the type of collagen that is used in gelatin desserts.

Whey collagen – You might also see something labeled as whey collagen, which is typically a mixture of both collagen (usually beef) and whey protein. This increases your protein consumption, while also providing the collagen you need.

What to Look for

As you begin shopping for powdered collagen supplements, take a look at the label. You want to be sure it is organic and free from any additives. Collagen, bone broth, and similar foods should not have any added sugar or ingredients, as that will not make it pure collagen. Pay close attention to brands you check and never fail to check the label, even if you have purchased it before.

Ways to Use it

By getting a powdered collagen, especially collagen peptides, you are ensuring that you don’t have to cook with it. Most of this type of collagen can be mixed with any type of liquid, hot or cold. Here are some ideas of what to add it to:

Cold water or juice
Soups or chili
Hot tea or coffee

Think about anything you might eat or drink with a liquid, and you can add in the collagen. This makes it really easy and convenient to use on a daily basis. It is often easier to choose something you have every morning to remember to use your collagen.

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