How to Tell Your Destiny By Using Numbers

King David, the greatest psalmist to ever live, requested that he be given the ability to number his days. This way, he could live his days meaningfully. Let’s face it; life is unpredictable. Having the ability to foretell your future could help you get your house in order before the D-day. There are palmists, practitioners of anthropomancy, and numerologists.


 Numerology is the study of numbers that add up to a person’s destiny. In simpler terms, there are ways numbers can help to foretell your destiny. As complicated as it might sound, it has helped to reshape people’s lives and their future. For more on this, here’s how to tell your destiny by using numbers.

1. Get Your Destiny Numbers Decoded By The Experts

To get started, it’s important that you first know your destiny number. Now, this is the number that will help determine your life’s purpose, objectivities, life goals, and the direction your life is headed. Finding this number means consulting with the professionals in this field. You can find out more about numerology here by first conducting extensive research on the same. Finding your destiny number will open you up to endless possibilities as it will allow you to know what life has in store for you. The destiny number is the total sum of your birth dates but to know what those numbers mean, you’ll need to consult with the specialists. Here’s how to find the best numerologists near you:

  • Do your homework by researching
  • Read online reviews on the numerologists in your area
  • Patience pays! This means that you should not be in a hurry to find a numerologist
  • Consult with friends and relatives for referrals

2. Find Your Destiny Number

As earlier mentioned, it will be important that you first find your destiny number when it comes to knowing your destiny. Your destiny number is also referred to as a life path or expression number. This number is derived from the digits in your birthdates. Don’t get it twisted here because many have been helped through this technique. Everyone has a unique birth date and though you might share this number with someone else, it doesn’t mean that your destinies are interconnected. When consulting with a numerologist, ensure that you know your exact dates of birth from your birth parents.

3. Get Your Destiny Number Decoded By The Experts

There are crooks out there who’ll pretend to read your destiny number, and to your surprise, this is a scum that has been there for ages. It’s therefore important, if not crucial that you get your information from the best sources when choosing a numerologist. The best ones in the field will help to point you in the right direction and, most likely, help to demystify the most challenging aspects of your life. Hey, it’s all about being informed and making the right life decisions.

4. Life Destiny Calculators

You can always invest in life destiny calculator apps that are freely available online. To reiterate on a pointer that appeared before, get your information from the right sources. This means taking your time to check out destiny calculator apps from the AppStore and ensuring that they are from credible sources. Your belief system will also help you to make informed decisions on the same, but it’s crucial that you also trust your instincts. Initially, it might seem like a complicated process but the apps will help to make things easier. Additionally, it’s important that you also get into terms with your psychic number. This way, you’ll be in no doubt when consulting with a numerologist.

5. Find Books That Explain Your Destiny Numbers

In your nearest bookstore, find books that are numerology-related. These are books that will help to explain destiny numbers in great detail. You can also find resourceful information online on the same topic. Nevertheless, be careful about what you choose to feed your brain with.

 This is because not everything you find out there will be credible. You might, and it’s a possibility that you find resources that’ll lead you in the wrong path. In the eventuality – most, unfortunately- that you find such information, you’ll most likely lead a misguided life and an unfortunate one.

Knowing your soul purpose in life will allow you to lead a happier life and a meaningful one. It just requires that you add your life path numbers – your birth date numbers – and with the right information, be able to tell where your life is headed. The above pointers will go a long way to do just this, allowing you to enjoy a meaningful lifespan.


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