How to Start Truly Loving Yourself Before Anyone Else


You often find yourself confused, and you are unable to experience real happiness since you are torn between loving yourself and loving your partner or friends. The truth is that you can’t love another, not unless you love yourself. It’s essential to realize your worth and appreciate who you are and what you possess. When you love yourself, your face glows with happiness. If you prioritize other people’s feelings before yours, you might develop mental problems, and having healthy relationships could be a problem. Loving yourself will make you more productive and optimistic about life. With these steps, you will start loving yourself before others.

Understand Your Self Worth

Most often, we prioritize loved ones, partners, beauty, and money, but what we forget is that a partner might dump you, you grow older, and you might lose your job some time in life. In such unfortunate events, you feel worthless, but if you understand your self-worth without the salary or that partner, then you have begun loving yourself. You have to be kind when you are at your lowest, and you can’t beat yourself up for your shortcomings. Psychology experts from would advise you to avoid blaming yourself for learning or when you take risks, but instead, learn to hope for the best. Everyone is unique, and once you appreciate yourself, you can love others.

Take Time to Relax

Besides being playful, having healthier meals, and better sleeping habits, it’s essential to set aside time to breathe and relax. When you get a chance, visit a spa, soak yourself in salt baths, and take regular naps when you feel it’s necessary. Relaxation helps you connect with your inner self, so take a break from your routine chores, breathe, and relax.

Practice Honesty

If you love yourself, you will be honest with yourself. Often you might deceive yourself by convincing your mind that you don’t know the effects of what you are doing. Before you are loyal to your partner, first learn to be honest with yourself. Relationships are based on honesty, and you can’t love another person if you are always making excuses or lying. Self-love involves being accountable and taking responsibility for your actions.

Learn To Trust Yourself

All the answers to your life troubles lie inside of you, and you should know that no one knows you better. Your intuition, your guts, and your body will always tell you what’s right and wrong. Before you make your decision, trust your intuition and your gut. Your body will also send signals; learn to trust such signals before making a decision. Deep inside, you know what’s right and wrong; trust that inner voice.

Have Healthy Meals

The food you eat fuels your body, and if you are always taking junk foods, the chances are high that you might develop lifestyle diseases. Besides, if you deprive yourself of foods you enjoy, you don’t love yourself enough. Eat healthier meals, take in more complex carbs, eat more fruits, nuts, veggies, and take more water.

Exercise More and Get a Hobby

Loving yourself involves taking proper care of your health. Ensure that you reduce alcohol intake, get enough sleep, take more water, and exercise regularly. Besides, it would help if you took care of your mental health by pursuing your hobby. Hobbies can be educational, athletic, creative, challenging, fun, and relaxing. Studies show that hobbies meet different physical and emotional needs; therefore, pursue hobbies that meet different needs.

Learn to Discipline Yourself

Loving yourself involves ensuring that you perform at your best, and as such, it’s important to discipline yourself in the actions you take, your behavior, sleeping patterns, and your diet. World leaders attained their status through self-disciple; thus, love yourself by emulating their behavior. However, you don’t have to be so strict. Learn to balance what your gut tells you and self-discipline.

Set Aside Time For Yourself

Whether you are in a relationship or not, or whether you are an introvert or extrovert, learn to appreciate yourself by spending time alone. When spending time alone, you can meditate on the progress you’ve made in life, have a walk, watch a movie, or go to a fancy restaurant. There are several activities that you can indulge in during your time alone. Listen to your inner self and make resolutions during this time.

Self-love is mandatory, and you can’t love other people if you don’t love yourself. Besides, by loving yourself, you can reach your full potential and learn to appreciate yourself. Although you treasure your life partner or family members, you should learn to be grateful and identify things that you are passionate about, then make a point of appreciating your body.


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