How to Rock Custom Flip Flops


Custom flip flops are one of those fashion wear that never gets out of style. And that is simply because they never are in style in the first place. Choosing to wear custom flip flops in a public place always seems like a death sentence to everyone’s eyes. But this should not always be the case. Custom flip flops does not only give the wearer a comfy breathable wear, but you can also level that comfort with some chic.

In this article, we will talk about custom flip flops, and how you can courageously rock them as if they were black stilettos on a red carpet.

Know Your Custom Flip Flop Turf

The main reason why people raise eyebrows upon the sight of custom flip flops is because they are worn on the wrong place. Custom flip flops are generally regarded as comfort wear thus when worn at a place where people normally accept that no one should be comfy, like a boardroom, then there is going to be a mismatch in intention there.

If you are still confused, here are a few places where you can put on custom flip flops without getting weird stares.

A Place to Wear Custom Flip Flops: The beach

What else is better than soaking in the heat of the sun while enjoying the breeze? Not having to deal with the sand beneath your feet. Island chic dictates that you wear something open in your feet. This is not only because the warm weather would make it extremely uncomfortable to wear closed toe boots. The other reason is, since you are normally surrounded by bodies of water, one might be compelled to take a dip and leaving custom flip flops in the sand for a swim is perfectly fine.

There are some exceptions to the times when you can rock custom flip flops on the beach. Do not wear flip flops made of material that can soak in liquid. The last thing you want is to drag a heavy foot wear around bloated from all the sea water. You can wear ones that are made of rubber or plastic.

A Place to Wear Custom Flip Flops: A Pajama Party

If there was any apparel that symbolizes comfort, then that would be the pajamas. And what better to pair it with than a pair of the fuzziest custom flip flop slippers. Having a light footwear on while you run around the house means you can simply slip them off and jump on the couch or the bed whenever you feel like it. Aside from the obvious comfort that the custom flip flop can give you while you are inside the house, you also reduce risks to injury. Who would want to wear heels inside the bedroom anyway.

Custom Flip Flops and Pedicure should Always be Together

Having your toe out for the entire world to see can either mean a way for people to judge your hygiene or you could look at it as an opportunity to put a cute pedicure on. The pedicure is the makeup of the feet as many people would say. Putting a bit of color will not hurt as long as it, of course, will not go against the color of your custom flip flop.

Nothing will look worse than having your toe tips filled fill dirt for everyone to see. People would judge your hygiene based on those ugly brown lines and rightly so.

Custom Flip Flops and Jeans Simply does not Match

In Los Angeles, they have a sandal season and this means that people are given the figurative license to put on open toe wear and go to public places as they please. This also means that the jeans should be put in the back of the closet drawer. You probably heard it a lot before but there simply are a few souls who might try to make it work. Not only do they look ugly together, it also does not make any sense. If you wanted to go for comfort, then you would not be wearing custom flip flops. And if you wanted a semi-casual look, then you know that custom flip flops will not help you get anywhere near there.

Rules for Wearing Custom Flip Flops

Never wear custom flip flops outside your house when you know that other people are not compelled to do so as well. This rule can be shortened to the OM rule which simply states that you should not wear custom flip flops, or even sandals for that matter, between the months of October and March. Not only will they make you an outcast in a world which still has fashion dignity, you would be defying the purpose of wearing clothes as well. Because autumn starts in October, this means that you will be risking having your toes amputated because of frostbite if you insist on wearing them. Everyone loves a nice stroll in the park while brown leaves are falling but absolutely no one wants to see them fall on your bare toes.

Second rule for wearing custom flip flops is to never wear them inside a bar. This of course excludes bars by the beach which encourages a more casual look. The bar is a place where people normally meet and socialize. Wearing flip flops to such a place would make you the topic in each table.

Exceptions to the Rules of Custom Flip Flops

The first exception to the rule that should make absolute sense is the vacation rule. This means that if you are heading to a place that you are most likely not gonna be in again at least until next year, and if you only come here for vacation, then you are free to rock your custom flip flops for everyone to see. First, you are on vacation so you should be as comfortable as you want to be and secondly, no one would care enough to know who you are, as long as you act touristy enough.


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