Self-Improvement is a Trap. Here’s Why

It’s “National Self Improvement Month” and meditation teacher and sought-after global keynote speaker, Liza Kindred, author of the forthcoming book EFF This! Meditation: 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You’re Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed   has a spoiler to share:

“The idea of constant self-improvement is a f*cking trap.”

Kindred elaborates:

“There is a culturally accepted working hypothesis that there is something inherently wrong with each and every one us, and that we are morally obligated to constantly work to improve ourselves. This might serve the wellness industrial complex, but it does not serve you. You are not broken. You don’t need constant improvement to be a good human. You are not a project, you are a worthy and complete person. Anyone who claims to be able to fix you, thinks that you are broken. Anyone who wants to help you ‘improve’ is operating from a place of thinking that you are somehow not inherently enough. You don’t need to work on yourself or learn to be better because those actions imply a brokenness inside of you which simply does not exist.

Without a doubt, many of us have past traumas or abuses to heal from. To be sure, virtually everyone can benefit from connecting to old wisdom and learning new toolsets. And certainly, many of us have made mistakes that we deeply regret. We feel hurt, we cause hurt, we suffer, and we flounder.

But none of this means that we are broken; it means that we are human. We are messy and real and doing our best. And that is enough.”


Please feel free to use these quotes in any stories where they may be a fit. Kindred is also available for interviews and bylines.

Happy to send an advance copy of Eff This! for review your way too.

Eff This! is a hands-on manual for living in a stressful world can be integrated into your daily life and features easy, quick – and often free – things we can do to alleviate our own stress. Half of the exercises can be done in five minutes or less. Learn to celebrate the small victories in life with a “to done” list. Release yourself from phone addiction with a digital detox plan. Get your body out of stress mode by practicing diaphragmatic breathing. Be transported, and open your heart with a pick-me-up playlist. These are just a few of the simple, practical strategies that will help you find your center.

Liza Kindred is the creator of  EFF THIS! Meditation, where she offers mindfulness practices to cynics, skeptics, and busy people. She is also the founder of Mindful Technology™ where she teaches companies how to build tech that values humans more than machines. Kindred is a licensed minister, a level two reiki practitioner, and a terrible but passionate surfer.

As a meditation teacher and sought-after global keynote speaker, Kindred has taught and spoken on five continents, from huge events like SxSW and Web Summit to intimate gatherings on living room floors. Her clients include companies like Vogue Magazine, Microsoft, Hearst, and FedEx. She has appeared in The New York TimesWired MagazineWell+GoodThe Telegraph, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Connect with Liza Kindred on Twitter @LizaK, Instagram @EFFTHISmeditation, LinkedIn @LizaKindred and visit and

EFF This! Meditation:108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You’re Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed  Amazon and other retail outlets.






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