How to Play Escape From Tarkov for NOOBS!



Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooter game that doesn’t spare noobs at all. The annoying truth is that you might die more often than you survive raids. The game is for those gamers who love a deadly combo of tactical teamwork and hyper-realistic gunplay. That’s why a newbie on the map may seem out of place and always a target for practice.

But don’t worry. We’re going to help you a little bit with the tips and strategies from pro gamers. If you want to take a step further to a simpler experience, grab some proven EFT hacks to enjoy the game more. After doing that, use these tips below to defeat the game itself.

Beginners’ Tips for Escape for Tarkov

Play without Pressure

This game is still a novelty to you at first. So, we recommend you start it from where you don’t need to struggle, which is through offline mode. The reason is to familiarize yourself with everything ranging from weapons, characters, shooting styles, maps, etc. The most important thing is that there’s no pressure in this mode. You can try out different weapons and even die as much as you want or kill as many Scavs as you can.

Moreover, you’re not going to lose any gears or items because you died. Also, you can play at the pace you need to master how the game works before diving into the main game.

Play the Easy Scav First

The first thing to do as a beginner is the Scav raids. If you don’t want to face the difficulties at first, tackle the game as a Scav. While in that mode, you can gather gears and also save them even if you die. Another important thing is that the AIs will leave you alone unless you go and kill another Scav, which shouldn’t be. But even as Scav, avoid other players who may want to attack you.

Play PMC with Insurance

Entering the game as a PMC is where all the actions lie. But that’s also where the risks start. If you die in this mode, you will lose all even though you will have access to high-powered weapons and armor. So, to protect what you got, always insure your items so that you can reclaim them for another raid. To insure the items, you can use a Therapist, Praper. But while the Therapist will charge you higher, she will return your items faster.

Identify the Extraction Points

Even if you think that making it to the extraction point is hard, still locate them from the start. The reason is to prepare your mind and also enable you to strategize your movements. The truth is that extraction points are not the same on every Escape from Tarkov map. Even some maps’ points may not open at the time when you need to run fast out of Tarcov. So, try to identify the ones available on the map you’re playing and strategize on using them faster when you must.

Medical Supplies are almost compulsory.

This is very important for a new player of Escape from Tarkov. You need all the medical supplies that can keep your health at maximum levels. As a beginner who is still learning the ropes, you can grab supplies such as painkillers, salewas, and splints. All these guys can help you to stop bleeding. Also, if you have enough money, you can grab the Survivor Kit or GMS to handle your limbs when you lose them.

Sound management is critical.

Did you know that making even the slightest noise in a game can cause your death? Once your enemy identifies your location, they will come calling. This is why you must understand how sound works in the game and manage it well.

For instance, your guns and movements make noise in Tarkov. So, whether you fire a weapon or just moved across a distance, you may be announcing your location. So, always try to watch your movements, especially where you step on in the game. If you can, don’t sprint at all unless you must. Also, try to use headsets to hear the noise that your enemy is making. That way, you can use it to your advantage.


If you have been dying a lot in Tarkov, the chances are that you’ve been doing everything wrongly. We have discussed some strategies that can help you stay alive and die less. As a beginner, start the game using the offline mode to master everything you’ll meet. Well, even though you will face other players out there, you won’t be disadvantaged.

Don’t forget to start as a Scav and, most importantly, never kill a fellow Scav. If you do, all the AIs will target and destroy you. Instead, you can team up and take down some PMCs for their weapons.


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