How to Maximize Your Social Media During the Pandemic


During a crisis, it’s easier to notice changes in consumer behavior. Individual lifestyles may adjust with the changing times, which has been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media statistics suggest increased traffic to platforms like Facebook and Instagram during this period; this has proposed changes to how the internet works. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s practical to focus on where your customers are and provide for their needs. Here are four ways to maximize your social media opportunities during the pandemic.

Have a plan


Since social media is used in everyday life, it’s easy to utilize it for business purposes. Fortunately, it costs little to nothing to set up a business profile either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Yet, it’s best to have an effective plan to manage your social media for business intent. Just as every good business requires a plan, so does your social media strategy. Without one, there’s no clear objective to achieve, which implies no return on your investment. Establish goals based on the SMART principles; they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Be current

As a business that seeks to thrive and be relevant to its target market, it’s crucial to be current and updated with trends. If you have no idea how to reach out to your customers, they’ll look elsewhere when they need similar services to yours. However, being present isn’t just about existing; it demands being active and having influence in others’ lives, in this case, your customers. Being accessible as they drive through the chaos will position you firmly in their minds. One of the best ways to do this is to be present on social media, where they are.

Provide solutions and answers to concerns

In such an uncertain period, many individuals are concerned about their daily situations. Brands that will succeed through the next few years provide value to their customers during the pandemic. Several studies have suggested issues about finance, health, and security as key among those concerns. As proposed by health and wellness entrepreneur Dee Agarwal, many individuals are battling anxiety due to the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic. It’s therefore practical to identify the gaps that need to be filled, in order to provide long-lasting solutions to your clients. When presented to customers via social media, these solutions will create a genuine affirmation for them since you’re offering answers to their concerns. Provide your audience with solutions and ease the barrier to doing business with them.

Find inspiration

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Having observed what your rivals are doing online, it’s advisable to check on other businesses too. While searching for ideas and inspiration, you may widen your scope beyond your specific industry. Explore the business section of many social media platforms for practical case studies worth emulating. This offers you great insight into what is attracting the most attention and clicks. Additionally, you may consider creating a social media calendar to help you post the right content on the right platforms to generate clicks and prompt buys.

Regardless of your business size, social media can offer a great medium to engage your audience, explore potential customers and increase your brand awareness. As you find what works, double your efforts and position your business for success.


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