How to Host an Awesome College Party


College parties are legendary in many ways. Being a student is one of the rare periods in your life when you are surrounded by contemporaries who are all forging their adult lives together. Parties are a fantastic opportunity to let your hair down, meet some awesome people and build your social confidence and experience too. 


In fact, getting to know the kind of students and activities your prospective college attracts should feature in your research when making your college decision.


But one major thing to remember is that parties don’t hold themselves. If you want to be invited to parties, you should try hosting a party yourself – or at least, you and your housemates. 


Here’s what you need. 

Set the Vibe

How your party goes down is all about the vibe you set. Start out with some chilled music and people sat chatting on bean bags with black diamond weed and you will probably have a relaxed do. Put loud music on, turn the lights down and jump around wildly and everyone will follow suit! Where you put seating, the genre of music you choose and the lights you use will influence the party and even how each room functions. 


Having a theme can really help set the mood for your party and it gives your guests something to talk about. There’s a good reason that fancy dress parties are so popular at college! Have fun with your theme ideas and be prepared to push the boat out. The more unique your theme, the more fun it will be – be prepared to court controversy too! 

Provide Food and Drink

Putting out a punch bowl is almost a college staple but beware – you never know exactly what is in a punch bowl so drink slowly! If you are planning to make your own punch, use basic ingredients that don’t cost too much but taste delicious. A good tip is to add slices of orange or lemon as this always looks good but is actually very cheap.


Providing some food is also a good idea as this will help your guests soak up their alcohol! Party food doesn’t have to be expensive and a simple bowl of crisps can go a long way. Cake, sweets and carbs are your standbys and will fill a table quickly and cheaply. If you want to impress with your culinary skills, make sure that people eat before the party gets into full swing! 

Be Open to Meeting New People

The whole point of having a party is to meet new people. With this in mind, be open to allowing your friends to invite friends of theirs and use this as an opportunity to broaden your social circle. Mingle with everyone who comes to your party and take the opportunity to bring people together as well. If you are feeling nervous, team up with a friend and move as a pair, introducing yourselves and supporting each other in conversation. 


College parties are all part of the experience and hosting a great party is quite a skill. Have fun, stay safe and make the most of your time! 


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