Getting rid of ‘Resting B- Face’: Cosmetic surgeons say ‘happiness look’ is popular new look


A trip to the cosmetic surgeon’s office might soon have you “looking” a whole lot happier.

Yup, that’s right, turning around what’s called “Resting Mean Face” is pretty popular these days.

“A lot of patients come in, they say, ‘doctor, I look angry, people constantly say I look tired, or I’m frowning” said Dr. William Tobler, a plastic surgeon.

The good news is that Dr. Tobler can turn that frown, upside down!

“We treat that Botox and the results are usually pretty powerful,” said Dr. Tobler.

Dr. Tobler let Local 12 News go inside his procedure room at the TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery Center to show you how Botox works, live on Facebook.

It’s a series of tiny injections to relax the “Grinch” look
Dr. Tobler himself has used the procedure.

“Men typically require a higher dose than women,” said Dr. Tobler.

Guys are flocking to fix their ‘Resting Bro Face’

This “happiness cure” starts at about three hundred dollars and lasts in most people three to six months.

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