How to Get Your Partner into Sex Toys

Sex doesn’t have to be boring – this statement could be taken as an overused, obvious slogan in the age when nothing seems taboo anymore, and we are all encouraged to recognize and fulfill our sexual needs.

However, a lot of people are still not satisfied with their sex life. Reasons for the lack of joy in bed can be numerous, but one of them is undoubtedly a lack of communication between partners. It can result in fear of trying new things that could spice up your love life.

If you feel that your partner suffers from that kind of objection, it would be good to try to convince them to open up a little and experiment, for example, with sex toys. Read on if you want to know how to do it.

How Can Sex Toys Diversify Your Sex Life?

Sex toys are an excellent way to bring some fresh air into every relationship. You may want to go, for example, for dildos that cum, various vibrating rings or penises, sex dolls, or more sophisticated BDSM accessories.

The choice depends on your mutual decision, but all toys have the same function. Apart from bringing you sexual joy and fulfillment, they can contribute to tightening the bonds in a relationship, as they can help to develop mutual trust and understanding.

Another advantage of experimenting with toys is that they are a good starting point for learning new things about your partner’s body, reactions, and needs. If you need more thrill, you might want to perform various scenarios in bed that is based on the use of dildos or sex dolls.

If you want to read more on how to use sex toys to spice up your sex life, click here.

How To Make Your Partner A Sex Toys Fan?

Of course, not everyone will be keen on using vibrators and handcuffs – it’s a normal thing. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try to change your partner’s mind in this area.

Remember that it’s best to start with a deep conversation, where you tell about your needs and suggest trying to use some toys. You can watch some porn movies together to get involved in the topic.

Learning to obtain satisfaction from using sex toys can take some time. Like in the case of traditional sex, it doesn’t happen immediately. That’s why it’s best to communicate and stay patient, even if your partner doesn’t seem to be fully convinced at the very beginning.

Types Of Sex Toys For Beginners

Like every product, sex toys can be divided into a few categories – some of them are designed only for advanced users, others will be perfect for those who are starting the adventure.

To start your adventure, you might want to choose from:

  • small, realistic dildos

Some people feel uncomfortable with colorful dildos made from plastic or glass. That’s why it’s best to try more realistic ones at first. They look just like a regular penis and feel familiar. Also, remember to adjust the size – XXL dildos won’t be a good choice for beginners.

To see some dildos for your first sex toys experiments, click here.

  • lubricants

Lubricants are nothing like a sex toy, but they can help a lot in this kind of adventure. Some of them are completely neutral and unscented, but others do have some additional properties – they can taste like fruit, or arouse sex drive. Remember to choose a lubricant that’s not oil-based – otherwise, it might result in condom failure.

  • sex dolls

If you fancy love triangles, sex dolls are an excellent option to spice up your sex life a little, especially if you don’t want to engage a third person into it. You can choose an utterly realistic doll, or a more artificial one – it all depends on your preferences. Your partner will have a chance to see what sex with two people looks like without hurting somebody’s feelings. To see some examples of sex dolls, visit this website.


No matter how determined to use sex toys you are, remember that it is always a mutual decision. Always listen to your partner – you need to communicate your sexual borders clearly. For example, you can agree on a so-called ‘safeword’ – when you don’t want to do a certain thing in bed, just use this word to communicate it.

Moreover, if you want your sex life to be more exciting, don’t be stressed to share your experiences and ideas with others – friends or trusted family members. This way, you’ll be able to exchange some ideas and choose sex toys options that are most convenient for you.


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