Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when diamonds are out of the question, you can get yourself a pair of shoes instead. Luckily, shoes are not as rare or as costly as diamonds. Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is enough to make your look pop. Here’s a little secret, you don’t need to own every single style of shoes. All you have to do is get some standard styles that complement most of your outfits.

Let’s take a look at what I like to call the shoe style lifehack


It might seem a little weird to have sneakers as the number one choice right? You cannot deny the diversity sneakers offer. They are a must-have item that come in all sorts of designs and colors. Whether you want to keep it simple with classic jeans and a t-shirt look, or you want a trendier chic look: sneakers have you covered.

COMFORT! I don’t know about you, but being able to walk in my shoes is a pretty big deal. Sneakers are super comfy and go with literally everything just like Yeezy boost sneakers.


Those high high heels!

I AM TALKING ABOUT STILETTOS. The best part about these is the elegance that they add to your look. You can never go wrong with a pair of stilettos. I could spend all day just looking at a nice pair of stiletto heels. These are great for every occasion, except running of course. A pair of these babies have the power to transform that casual chilled outlook to a stunning head-turner.

Stilettos come in designs that accommodate everyone’s preferences. If you’re an ankle strap heel kind of girl or you prefer animal print to nudes


These are a favorite in the fashion world. Sandals are a great minimalist accessory to your look.  They come in so many varieties; it’s almost hard to choose. Basically,  these shoes are easy to wear and undeniably comfortable. You can choose to wear flatform sandals that are sure to add an edge to any look or opt for completely flat sandals. Either way, if you do not already own a pair of sandals, this may be your chance to go sandal shopping. They are a great way to finish off your bohemian look.

Trendy ankle booties

I call these “everywhere shoes.” They are suitable for almost every look. Obviously, it might be a bit ridiculous to wear a stunning gown with ankle booties. Other than this, these are the ideal finisher for any outfit. Oh, you want to go out with your friends? Throw on a pair of booties. It’s casual Friday at the office and you want to put on your favorite jeans? Don’t forget the ankle booties too. These boots are the triple threat; sexy, stylish, and comfy. Ankle booties

Boots Boots and more Boots!

 Just one type of boots is never enough. You may need a different pair just in case a prince invites you horseback riding. Riding boots are not only great for colder seasons but also add a simple elegance to your outfit. The sky is the limit with the types of outfits that go well with these boots. You can wear these with dresses, pants or even skirts. Riding boots make every outfit look nice and fancy.

Never underestimate the degree of badassery biker boots adds to your look. As if that isn’t enough, you can wear these all year round. Generally, biker boots are a great accessory. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to wear a jeweler with these shoes. They come with all sorts of studs and buckles that are enough to make your look sparkle.

Black Pointed toe heels

Can you get more specific? These are great for tying together that formal look. A black pointed-toe heel is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. This shoe will give you a clean-cut sophisticated vibe. You can easily make the transition from day to night with the right black pointed toe heel. These pumps are great with a simple pant and blouse look. When you need a confidence boost for that meeting or interview, try putting on your black pointed toe heel They give you a serious and professional look

No stumble wedges

Not everyone can strut in heels without a little stumble. Wedges are a more stable and still stylish alternative. If you’re worried about the variety they offer, don t be. Wedges come in all manner of designs for you to choose from. The right wedge can elevate that plain dress to a yes! They are comfy and can be your day to night shoes. You can never go wrong with a trendy wedge look.

The simple ballet flats

Talk about functional elegance! Ballet flats are hassle-free comfy shoes that go with so many looks. They give every everyday look that oomph it needs. When you need comfy flats for a formal occasion, just slip on your ballet flats and voila! You can even alternate between heels and ballet flats without losing that sophisticated vibe.

Loafer lovers

Loafers? Yes, loafers. They are a great semi-casual look. Loafers give you that cool retro vibe, especially if coupled with some vintage elements. Although simple, loafers give you a unique and chilled-out look. I mean, who doesn’t want to be that grill. You can wear these with khakis or any other formal ish outfit that you like.

Modern heels; Platform shoes

They are stiletto like shoes but they have a thicker sole. The length of the heel is completely dependent on your preferences. These modern sophisticated designs are perfect for virtually all outfits. You can wear them to any evening and day time casual events. They are designed to suit formal and informal environments. You can wear these with different pants, skirts or dresses.

Shoes are like the fashion glue that brings all different styles together. They are a great way to express yourself. These are just some basic must-haves that will help complement whatever look you are into.


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