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You’ve always found traditional wedding reception boring and unimaginative. Now, that it’s your turn, you’ve set your sight on a destination wedding. However, deciding on your wedding destination can sometimes feel like throwing a dart on a map and hoping it hits a great area. Would you like to exchange your vows while on safari or in the Caribbean?

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, the following tips will come in handy:

Start With A Budget

When it comes to working out the budget for your destination wedding, airfare is only the beginning. A topnotch resort ceremony and a great locale should not be out of reach just because your budget is not huge.

Mexico and Central America are some of the best wedding destinations, teeming with exquisite beachfront resorts that are the definition of inexpensive luxury.

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten path choice, consider Guanacaste in Costa Rica. You will exchange your vows surrounded by volcanoes and rainforests.

Settle On Size

Finalizing the number of guests will help with booking hotels and planning the catering. Settling on a small number of people will open up your choice of possible destinations, since your closest friends and family are more likely be able to shell out more money.

If planning to invite more people, opt for a Caribbean resort that comes with all-inclusive amenities, endless activities, and loads of dining options. Such a resort will have enough activities to keep your guest list occupied.

Keep Children In Mind

If you are planning an adult-only affair, you can choose from plenty of romantic 5-star spots with butler services. Saying no to a child-friendly wedding will make it easier and cheaper for you to pick any destination in the world. If you want a kid-friendly destination, opt for a place with family-friendly restaurants and accommodations.

Decide On The Ceremony Style

If you are tying the knot in a Catholic ceremony, choose from a number of picturesque beach chapels in Cancun, where a priest will officiate your wedding as a horse carriage awaits for the getaway. If you are a Jewish couple, ensure that the Caribbean foods are kosher, which is possible thanks to the large number specialty menus at most hotels.

Choose A Dream Landscape

wedding-1439008_1280.jpgDo you envision exchanging your vows on immaculate sandy shores? Check this out: opt for elegant bridesmaid dresses that stop above the ankle to make walking easier. If you have always dreamed of getting hitched in front of Tahiti’s turquoise waters, choose this destination for your wedding and honeymoon.

Because it is your wedding, do not be afraid to trade city lights for sandy shores or even leave land behind and opt for an open sea ceremony. Once here, your creative options will be endless.

Factor In The Extra Expenses

If done right, your destination wedding might end up costing more than what you estimated. To avoid spending more money, choose a cheap destination. Even after you do this, you still need to factor in extra expenses for guest welcome bags, additional activities for guests, and décor.

Get Help

If you are a control freak, hosting your wedding in a different country will require you to relinquish control to someone else. It should be your wedding planner’s job to shoulder the burden of securing local vendors and dealing with logistics: lighting and tent rentals. Many resorts have a coordinator in their wedding packages, so you might not have to fly in your own. Moreover, a local planner is better because he or she knows the area better.

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