How to Choose the Best Pillows for Your Bedroom

Sleeping without a pillow under your head makes for an incomplete and uncomfortable sleeping experience. Not only has it been a part of your habit to sleep with a pillow, but sleeping with a pillow is also essential to help your body be in the correct sleeping position. With a correct sleeping position, you can’t have proper spine alignment that is essential when you’re sleeping.

If you’re going pillow shopping, it might be difficult to pick which one’s the best one for you since there are a lot of different kinds out there in the market. Here are the tips on how you can choose the best pillows for your bedroom:

Know Your Sleeping Position

You choose your pillow based on your sleeping position. You can be either a side, stomach, or a back sleeper. Depending on your sleep position, there’s a perfect pillow that suits you.

If you sleep on your back or stomach, choose a lighter fill so that your head is properly aligned to your body. This will enable your neck to be at ease and not be stressed out with handling pressure if the pillow is too high.

If you’re a side sleeper, you should go for a loftier pillow so that your head could be a little higher than your body. Since the alignment of your spine would be higher, choosing a higher pillow would be beneficial. Just make sure that it’s with the correct height so there would be no pressure on your neck.

There are some pillows out there in the market that allows you to adjust the height of your pillow. If you’re uncertain which is the comfiest for you, go for an adjustable pillow. This will allow you to adjust your fill.

Decide on the Fill

There are different kinds of fill that your pillow may contain. Each kind has its unique characteristic that can be beneficial or comfortable for you. The two most popular fillings are down and memory foam, but there is a wide variety of options available to you, like designer buckwheat pillows.

Choosing the perfect fill might be difficult. If you have the budget, try multiple kinds and see which works best for you.

Do you Sleep Hot or Cool?

Most people sleep hot during the night. What happens is their head is extra sweaty even if you’ve already turned the AC on. This will result in waking up soaked in sweat while your body is completely dry.

When you’re a hot sleeper, you should go for pillows that have cooling properties in it. One great example is the cooling gel memory foam pillows. This kind of pillows is infused with gel that helps to reduce heat retention allowing it to provide coolness instead. Most pillows trap heat since they’re not designed with great breathability properties. With a cooling pillow, you’ll be sleeping cool in no time.

Firmness Level

Aside from your mattress, pillows have firmness options too. You should decide on your firmness depending on your sleeping position.

  • If you’re a back sleeper, choose a pillow of medium firmness that provides enough support for your head and proper alignment to your spine.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper, choose a soft pillow since you’ll be placing the side of your face on your pillow. You’ll just be needing enough cushion that lets you sink into the pillow while maintaining a proper sleeping position with proper spine alignment.
  • If you’re a side sleeper, choose a firm pillow. Since your head tends to slide over because of a soft pillow, a firm pillow helps to keep your head in place while also aligning it to your spine, perfectly allowing you to sleep healthy.

When choosing the perfect pillow, make sure that you’re comfortable sleeping on it while it benefits you well.


When looking for the perfect pillow for your bedroom, it’s a must that you choose a pillow that fits you well perfectly so you could sleep better at night. You must know your sleeping position to decide on the firmness and height of your pillow that will enable you to have a proper spine alignment along with making you comfortable as you sleep at night.

You should also take note of your allergies and go for pillows that are hypoallergenic so it won’t trigger as you sleep at night.

When buying for a pillow, it’s a great option that you purchase a pillow protector as well to avoid dust mites coming in allowing you to have a healthier sleep at night.


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