How To Choose A Window Air Conditioner For Your Home



There’s nothing worse than sweltering heat, poor air circulation, and a lack of an air conditioner. While it may provide joy to some, summertime can easily become the time of year everyone dreads. When it’s hot outside, you don’t want to be hot inside. Perhaps your air conditioner is on the fritz or your circulation fan isn’t improving things much. Maybe you don’t have any air conditioner at all. Regardless of the case, it’s time to make a commitment to better, cooler airflow this summer with a window air conditioner for your home. Here are a few tips for choosing one that’ll suit your needs:

Measure Your Window

When it comes to installing a new appliance that’s going to see regular use in your home, accurate measurements are one of the most critical parts of the task. A good place for an air conditioner is probably the north side of the house, where there may be more shade/less direct sunlight. The AC unit should also not extend too far out from the window where it may become a hazard to passerby. To do the actual measuring, pick up your handy tape measure and get a measurement from it from top to bottom and side to side. When you’re finished, do it again. One can never be too careful when it comes to obtaining accurate measurements! Window style also matters, so be sure to note what type of window you have prior to buying your air conditioner. Knowing the window measurements is but one part of the larger picture when it comes to installing a new air conditioner. You also need to know your room’s size. Measure the square footage by taking measurements of the length and width of the space. Multiply the length by the width to arrive at the square footage of your room. After that, it’s merely a matter of picking out an air conditioner unit that will fit in the space.

Invest in Filters

As with anything that affects your home’s airflow or the air you breathe, filtering out dust particles and other potentially nasty things is essential. Consider investing in replacement filters for your air conditioner and establishing a maintenance schedule. Clogged and dirty filters can cause significant problems. Nothing spoils efficiency more than a clogged filter. If they’re the type that can be cleaned and reused, cleaning them is essential to increase efficiency and lower the AC unit’s energy consumption by 5-15%. How often the filters should be cleaned or replaced can largely be determined by the AC unit’s usage. In most cases, filters should be replaced/cleaned every month or two. If it’s constantly in use, filters should be changed more often.

Get A Low Noise Model With Sturdy Construction

Running an air conditioner can occasionally get a bit loud. Consider getting a low noise model. Depending on the size of the room, how much space is between you and the air conditioner, and various mechanical quirks, things can potentially get pretty noisy. The air conditioner’s construction matters a great deal when it comes to how much noise it makes. A window air conditioner is usually a single unit where all of the parts are contained within the casing, but over time those blowers can start wearing out or different parts may rattle within the case. To prevent such things, ensure you get one that’s constructed with solid, robust materials. On the noise front, keep in mind that a range of 25 (whisper-quiet) – 55 (moderate) decibels is typical for an air conditioner and isn’t exceptionally loud, but any higher than that and you’ll be shouting just to be heard in the room. Be sure to check the decibel ratings for the unit. As machines get older and wear out, the decibel levels can climb higher, so be sure to find one that runs quietly and stays up-to-date on repairs or maintenance!

Find One With Remote Control And Wi-Fi

Materials and noise reduction are absolutely crucial when it comes to a good air conditioning unit, but you’re also going to need some accessories. Different AC units offer convenient accessories like remote control and wi-fi capabilities. Why should you have to get up and move across the room to operate your window AC, when you can conveniently do so from across the room? Remote controls are always handy for adjusting the speed and temperature of your unit. Plus, you can make the adjustments without moving from your couch, chair, or bed. Since technology has improved significantly over the past decade or so, there’s another feature you may want to try with your AC Unit: Wi-fi control. Some window AC units have wi-fi functionality built-in, meaning you can easily control the unit with just a few swipes and taps from your smartphone via an app. More recently, some of the higher-quality window air conditioner units also have self-diagnosis features that allow users to discover potential issues before they can grow into major problems.

Go Green/eco-Friendly

You’re probably worried about energy efficiency and your window AC’s impact on the environment. There’s no need to despair in this regard, as there are plenty of eco-friendly/green options available. So, what do you need to look for in an eco-friendly air conditioner? As we mentioned previously, a washable filter is one helpful step. Another is to find a model that features an energy-saving mode. In energy-saving mode, you can save power and money by not running the unit constantly or by having it run only when needed based on the temperature in the area. It may also feature a timer that kicks in based on user preferences and other variables. Getting a unit with a temperature display can help you gauge better when to take advantage of energy-saving features.


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