How to Choose a Suitable Mirror for Your Home


Choosing a mirror for your home is no easy feat – with endless materials used to make them, which create endless style options, it can seem a little overwhelming. However, we know a few tips that can help break down this task and make it a lot more manageable.

Read on for how we break down this task into three easy steps!

Step 1: Determine the purpose of the mirror.

Mirrors make a great addition to any room of your home because they can serve a dual purpose – being both functional and decorative. So, the first step in the process of finding a new mirror is determining what the purpose is. Your mirror can have lots of purposes, some common ones include:

  • Purely functional, you need the mirror for grooming purposes.
  • You want to make a room in your home feel lighter and brighter.
  • You’re looking for a decorative element of your home.

The purpose of your mirror could be a combination of purposes. But knowing what you want to use that mirror for will set you on the right path.

Step 2: Where your mirror will go?

If you have a purpose in mind for your mirror, you likely have a room in mind as well, but just in case you don’t, let’s talk about some of the places your mirror could go. Almost every room in your home can benefit from the addition of a mirror, so even if you think you know, there may be some places you haven’t thought of before.

Bedroom – a bedroom in this space is most certainly going to be multipurpose. Most of us use our bedrooms to get ready for the day, so a mirror in this space is essential. A full-length mirror can fit on the inside of your closet, or perhaps on the back of your door if you don’t have the wall space for one. Another popular option is a Hollywood style dressing table mirror. Where it is not only functional for getting those glam looks ready, but also perfect as a decorative element that will draw the eye.

Bathroom – a mirror in the bathroom is essential. Everyone who shares your home, and almost every visitor will use this one, so you need one that is incredibly functional. The good news for bathroom mirrors is that this is the space where a lot of innovation has occurred, so you can find options with built-in lighting, storage and so much more. If you are looking for a bathroom mirror, read this guide on choosing a bathroom mirror, it will certainly help you out!

Living Room – a mirror in your living room is likely to serve more of a decorative purpose combined with the functional purpose of adding light to this space. In the right spot, a mirror can truly enlarge a room and create an airy feeling. Try hanging on perpendicular to a window, and watch it capture the light! Or if you’re lucky enough for your living room to have a fireplace or mantelpiece, a mirror above here can capture that warmth and make the living feel like a nice safe, warm space.

Dining Room – you may not have thought about it before, but as we mentioned above, a mirror has the ability to capture a certain feeling of warmth and enhance it. Adding one to the room that we come together to share a meal in can help make the feeling even greater. Just be careful where you put that mirror, in the wrong spot you might end up with someone having to watch themselves eat.

Entryway – one of our favorite places to hang a mirror is the entryway. This is both a practical and decorative option. Over a console table, this is the perfect place to gather up the things you need on your way out the door and give you a chance to have one last look over the outfit for the day. A mirror in this place can also be an extension of the overall look and feel of your home and offer a welcoming glimpse of your home!

These are just some of the rooms a mirror can go in your home!

Step 3: What type of mirror do I get?

This step is the hardest and there are a number of things to think about, but if you’ve completed the first two steps, you’re in a good position to start looking at the type of mirror.

While arguably, any mirror can work in any space, there are some that are more suited to other areas, for example, a mirror with inbuilt LED lighting and demister pads has been made for a bathroom.

So, when you’re trying to determine what type of mirror to go for, have a think about the below:

1. Design and Aesthetic

Are you trying to work with an existing theme? Or are you going to build an aesthetic around your mirror, where the mirror will be the feature of the room? Like we mentioned earlier, the materials used to make a mirror are almost endless, so with that comes options. Whatever look you’re going for; you’re going to be able to find an option to suit.

2. Mirror Size

The mirror size will need to work with space you have available to you, as well as the purpose of the mirror. If you’re using the mirror in a more decorative way, then you have a lot of freedom with the size you choose. You could opt for an oversized mirror that will lean against a wall, or you could opt for a lot of small mirrors and make yourself a gallery wall!

3. Mirror Shape

Just like the list of materials is almost endless, so too are the options for the shape of your mirror. You could go for traditional with a square or rectangular mirror, or you could go for a nautical feel with a round mirror; or you could opt for something quite different, like an oval, or hexagonal mirror. These are just some of the shapes available.

4. Extra Features

Mirrors are so much more than just a reflective surface these days. And like we mentioned earlier, the space that has seen a lot of change is in the bathroom mirror world. Some of the extra features that your mirror could have include, inbuilt storage, LED lighting and there are even smart mirrors these days. Have a think about whether any of these features are important when you’re on the hunt for your next mirror.


Where to get your next mirror?

So now that you know how you can make the process of finding a mirror easier, where are you going to get that mirror? That’s the easy part. Luxe Mirrors is your one-stop-shop for all the latest in mirrors. With a range that is kept up to date, and only stocking mirrors that meet the highest of manufacturing standards, you can work closely with the team at Luxe Mirrors to find the mirror of your dreams.


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