6 Ways to Bring the Sizzle Back to Your Relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can sometimes be tough to keep that romantic spark alive. The novelty wears off, life gets busy and you get more comfortable with your partner. Before long, you may find yourself wondering where all of the excitement went. While it may seem like bad news, the truth is it’s incredibly common and a normal part of being in a committed relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. With a little effort, you can bring the sizzle and romance back to your life.

1. Spend Quality Time First

When you spend time actually interacting with each other, you’re creating opportunities to feel close and supported, share your thoughts and simply enjoy being together. It’s a great way to remember why you’re attracted to one another in the first place. It can also help build up the desires and sexual tension that you need to get things going in the bedroom.

2. Surprise Them When You Can

Settling into a routine can be comfortable and very positive but it can make you lose interest fast. Keep things interesting by surprising them at least once a week with something they aren’t expecting. Send a sexy text during the workday or pick up their favorite snack from the grocery store. Every so often, step things up with a special gift or an unexpected getaway.

3. Keep Things Fun

Happy couples have fun together, both inside and outside of the bedroom. So, go on adventures, try something new and do things together that make you laugh. Even if you have very different interests and hobbies, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick an activity you’ll both enjoy. Make a commitment to do something fun together at least once every other week and set aside the time to make it happen.

4. Try Something New in the Bedroom

Once you’ve learned what your partner loves in bed, it can be easy to fall into the same patterns and positions every time you have sex. While there’s nothing wrong with knowing your partner’s needs and how to please them, it can take away from your curiosity and imagination, which are a must for really great sex life. Commit to trying something new every so often to keep things interesting. Buy some flirty couples underwear, pick up a book on sex positions or go shopping for some fun toys to spice things up.

5. Keep Dating…Each Other!

In the early days of your relationship, a lot of effort was spent trying to make a good impression. Chances are, most of those efforts have fallen by the wayside as the months have passed. Dating is still important no matter how long you’ve been together. Whenever possible, get out of the house to spend time one-on-one. Take the time to look nice for your significant other. While it shouldn’t be the only reason they’re attracted to you, it still shows that you think they’re worth the effort.

6. Maintain a Little Privacy

If you really want your partner to burn with passion for you, give them some space. You should each have some separate interests, activities, and friendships so you’re maintaining your own individual lives. Also, keep the goods hidden around the house, even though you’ve both seen it all before. Shut the door when you’re in the bathroom, keep the towel wrapped around you on your way back from the shower, and change behind closed doors. The less you get to see during every day, the more you’ll find yourself longing for your partner and their body.

If your relationship has felt a little more mundane lately, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can keep things exciting in spite of life’s changes and challenges. Give these tips a try and you can experience more romance, desire, and fun in no time.

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