How Can a Travel Blogger Become Popular on Vimeo? 4 Simple but Useful Tips for Beginners


Travel bloggers today are people who for many have become not just users of the Internet, but real guides to the world of beautiful landscapes, interesting locations, and amazing discoveries. That’s why they’re popular – their content encourages people to discover new things for themselves and inspires new achievements. Basically, such makers upload videos on YouTube, however, from the point of view of the effectiveness of attracting an audience, this may not be enough. The fact is that Vimeo is focused on aesthetics – this video hosting offers the best image quality, has no restrictions on musical accompaniment, and is aimed at supporting influencers. If you’re developing your own travel blog, consider using this resource to your advantage; this is a real chance to expand your fan base.

But, like everywhere else, you’ve to be ready to compete. There are quite a few makers here who are striving to make their content popular and in demand in the thematic online community. In order to stand out from the crowd and make the videos more viewable, you need to act ahead of time and create the ground for further development in advance. In this article, we’ll give you the 5 best tips for attracting an audience and promoting clips that will help you achieve your goals and become more famous than you are now.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your page & lay a strong foundation

Today, paid PR services are still one of the best ways to quickly, simply, and efficiently promote any content on resources. By investing in your account little by little, you’ll create a solid foundation for further promotion and prove your value to your target subscribers. So, by buying high-quality Vimeo followers, your page will begin to flourish and attract more and more target viewers. Users here are more likely to subscribe to those who have already proved that their blog is worthy of attention, your goal is to prove that you’ve achieved this already now. You can make a purchase at any stage of promotion, but we would recommend doing it at the very beginning – this way you’ll immediately become more competitive, positively standing out from other people.

You should know: not all advertising companies offering such services are honest with their customers. Before you buy subscribers (or anything else), read the reviews about the service and request information about guarantees. It is important that all interactions with your profile are genuine and of high quality, otherwise, you’ll waste money. Bots and fake pages that are delivered by many companies won’t bring you the desired result; on the contrary, they can worsen your reputation and ratings. If you don’t have time to study reviews and ratings of services, just click on the link above to get a guaranteed result at a low price. Try it!

Content, content, content…

Whatever it was, but your main task is to create such high-quality and inspiring clips that people want to follow you and share your creativity. Focus on this, start developing a content plan, and try different formats. Analyze which content is at the peak of popularity now – what is going viral and which clips are the most viewed. As a traveler, you can create a lot of incredible and interesting content that will attract a lot of new subscribers with its beauty and uniqueness.

Remember that people value aesthetics on this platform, try to match this. Content processing should be trending, only in this case users will be interested in you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters and colors and remember that the quality should be on top. Popular creators recommend spending some money on renting or buying equipment (drones, professional cameras, microphones) to make your videos unforgettable.

Communicate with other influencers and subscribers

Communication in a friendly community has never harmed anyone, and in the case of promotion, too. There are many opportunities to form a loyal community here – you can respond to comments, create videos in the “question-answer” format, and even join groups. The last thing is especially interesting and useful, there is no such function anywhere else.

Groups are like channels for different niches and topics. Some of them are closed, and some are inactive, but there are also many other thematic “channels” where you can join.

But do it wisely, only if you really plan to become part of the community and make it better. Then you’ll be able to share your creativity and find new potential fans who will stay with you for a long time.

Influencer marketing

Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and put a lot of effort into making key influencers pay attention to you and offer their support to the content. Explore Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and send links to your main videos to those who may be interested in such content. This is a real opportunity to get some new fans. Good luck!


Image via Pixabay