4 Smart Ways To Help A Charity Today

Most people think that the only way to help a good cause like a charity is to donate. However, that is simply not the case. Indeed there are many ways to support a charity, read about the most popular 8 below.

Donate money

Let’s start with the most obvious way of helping a charity, donating money. Donating is great because it’s fast and easy as it can be done online. Indeed, most charity websites allow you to make a donation, as do third-party payment providers such as PayPal.

Donating money can also be one of the most effective ways of helping a charity because they can use the money quickly to deal with crises that are currently happening, ensuring it has the maximum positive effect.

However, before donating to any charity it is a good idea to check out their website to find out who they are and what they do, and that they have a registered charity number. For example, the eaa or the Emergency Action Alliance as they are also known have a great site with all the information you would expect. That is how you can tell they are legitimate and that your money will be going to deal with genuine causes like disaster relief for those affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

Donate items that are needed

Another way you can help a charity today is to find out what type of items they most need and make a donation. Often such items will include blankets, warm coats, and winter wear like hats and scarves with many people choosing to clear out their closets, buying them up second hand, or evening knitting and crocheting them at home.

Some charities also ask for shelf-stable, or fresh food and toiletries as well, but this will depend on where supplies are to be disturbed, so be sure that you check what is required first before donating.

Volunteer your time


Donating money, or items is not the only way that you can support a charity. You can also donate your time, and get involved in activities that the charity needs to complete. There tend to be three types of opportunities to choose from here, client facing which means you will be directly interacting with the people that the charity supports. Then there is administrative, which means you will be working to make sure that the operational tasks that allow the charity to run are complete. Lastly, there is fundraising and awareness, which means dealing with campaigning tasks and raising money.

Urge your employer to partner with a charity

Finally, if you are looking for ways to help a charity or good cause, then why not encourage your employer to partner with them? A partnership is great for all concerned as the charity gets extra funds, or volunteer time from the business, while the business involved also gets the kudos of being associated with the charity. Both organizations will also benefit from increased awareness of joint marketing, so it is a win-win.


Picture found at Pixabay – License CC0