Home Security 101: A Homeowner’s Guide to Staying One Step Ahead of Thieves


In the United States, every 18 seconds a home is burglarized.

This is a shocking statistic that shows how serious every homeowner should be about securing their home. While most of these burglaries end in a loss of property, many end in violence, and some even end in death.

While there is no sure way to prevent burglaries, there are several steps you can take to prevent one from happening to you. From knowing the signs of an impending burglary to taking certain precautions, you can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing a home invasion.

If you are a homeowner who wants to stay a step ahead of a would-be thief, this guide is for you.

Conduct a Home Security Audit

The first step in securing your home is conducting a home safety, or home security, audit. This is a great way to know what you are doing right and what you need to improve on. You can DIY this process, or hire a security consultant to do it for you.

Install a Home Security System

Don’t just install a system, announce you have one by placing stickers in your window and a sign on your front lawn.  Make sure and do your research on the company before making an installation appointment. For example, if you were going to install a Vivint security system, this page has many Vivint reviews that will let you know if you should work with that company if you are concerned about your home security, consider installing a home security system. You can significantly reduce your chances of a home burglary simply by having a security system.

While you may not think of your WiFi connection when you think of home security, it is something to consider. Hackers are just as dangerous as a burglar and can cause even more damage to your finances.

What is even more concerning is, a hacker can rob you while you are in your home without you even knowing. Make sure your WiFi is secure by tightening your home network security.

Check for Weaknesses

If you have been wondering how to keep my house safe, consider periodically checking for weaknesses. While a home audit is a good start, with time, some of your security methods will become outdated and stop protecting your home. Make this a part of your annual home check-up or your spring cleaning routine to ensure your home is always safe.

Maintain Your Yard

One of the best house safety tips is to maintain your yard. If your yard is immaculate and well-maintained it can discourage burglars because they will assume the rest of your home, including your security, is just as well-maintained.

However, an overgrown yard not only encourages burglars, but it also gives them cover when they are casing or burglarizing your home. Make sure your yard is taken care of and you have a clear line of sight to your front door and windows.

Adopt a Dog

Perhaps one of the best safety tips for securing your home is to adopt a dog. Not only is a dog great for your mental health, but your furry friend can also dissuade a would-be thief. Consider taking a trip to the nearest shelter and adopting an adorable addition to your family.

Avoid Using a Hide-a-Key

Hiding a key under a rock or somewhere else near your front door is not recommended. While this used to be a great way to avoid being locked out of your home, it is now an easy way for a burglar to gain access. Change your locks or use a smart system to make sure you always have access.

Install Motion-Activated Lighting

Lighting the exterior of your home is a great way to deter a burglar. People who are planning on robbing your home want to stay hidden and in the shadows, so lighting your home will encourage them to move on. Install motion-activated lighting around your home as an added layer of protection

Secure Your Garage Door

Did you know many thieves enter your home through the garage door? If your garage door is outdated, that means the security on the door is likely outdated as well. Upgrade your garage door and make sure it is completely secure.

Update Your Locks

As a homeowner, you should routinely be updating your locks to the latest and most secure models. An old and ineffective lock might as well be a sign that your home is prime for an invasion. Aim for updating your locks every few years to take advantage of the newest security technology.

Before using a new lock, buy one, and test it against a wide range of lockpicking tools. You want to make sure that your new door lock stays securely closed no matter what tools intruders use. Most intruders use force to enter a home, but many also know how to pick locks if forceful entry is not ideal. Door locks that are near impossible to pick and a strong, durable door made of solid wood form the best combination to increase the security of your home.

Install a Camera System

Have you ever seen the signs that tell you to smile because you are on camera? While it may seem cheesy, installing, and making it clear there are cameras on-site, is one of the basic tips for securing your home. You should install cameras on the interior and exterior of your home.

Place Your Valuables in a Safe

In the unfortunate event, your home is invaded, it’s best to secure your valuables so all is not lost. Invest in a quality safe that can be tucked away in a non-obvious place. Make sure to keep your valuables in the safe as an added layer of protection.

Install Smart Security Devices

Today, there are many ways to secure your home with various smart devices. By installing a smart security system, you can monitor and control your home with a touch of the button from an app on your smartphone. Consider upgrading your home, or just the security elements of your home, to smart options.

Use These Tips to Prevent Burglaries in Your Home

Follow these tips to prevent burglaries.

Start by conducting a home security audit so you can know what you need to improve.

Install a home security system with motion-activated lights, smart security devices, and multiple cameras. You should also periodically check for weaknesses, maintain your yard, avoid using outdated methods like a hide-a-key, and adopt a dog. Make sure to secure your garage door, keep your locks updated, and secure your valuables in a safe.

Follow these tips to make your home unattractive to burglars.

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