High-Cut vs High-Waist Thongs: A Simple Guide


As a fashionable lady, you always have the desire to add variety to your closet. Perhaps you already have a wide selection of lingerie, including cheeky underwear, bikinis, boy shorts, and more. You wouldn’t want to miss thongs from this gorgeous collection as they’re one of the most popular pant styles today.

What Are Thongs?

Thongs are miniature triangular underwear that primarily provides front coverage while leaving the buttocks playfully exposed. They come in a variety of designs as outlined below:

  • G-String: In essence, it’s a triangular piece of fabric with a string that serves as the waistband. The triangular section covers the pubic mound (where most pubic hair grows) and tapers down to the crotch. The part rising to meet the waistband at the back is more of a string, and it’s not strange for it to pass between the buttocks.
  • C-String: As if the G-string wasn’t scanty enough, the C-string entered the scene. This one covers only the two intimate parts and leaves the rest of the butt cheeks and mons pubis bare. It has no waistband at all. Rather, it stays intact by the power of its flexible internal frame.
  • Cheeky Thongs: These have more material at the back instead of just a string. Thus, they cover the butts more than G-strings but still offer enough exposure. They come in two types: the high-cut and the high waist.

You’d want to buy the various types of thongs from renowned suppliers who stock quality underwear such as EBY and others.

High-Waist Thongs

You can call them high-rise thongs if you wish to. Their distinguishing feature is the waistband that rises up to the midsection and nearly touches the navel. This way, it gives you a supportive feel without compromising your need to expose the cheeks. That’s useful, especially if you find the G- and C-strings way too scanty.

High-waist thongs make high-waisted skirts and trousers feel more comfortable around your midsection as they offer a softer underlay. Take the example of a high-waist leather skirt. You wouldn’t want the tough fabric to hug your stomach without any layer of softer material underneath it. Underlaying the high-waist skirt with a high-waist thong increases your comfort.

And if you’re wearing a crop top that exposes the waist, high-waist thongs protrude slightly above your trouser, thus offering onlookers a splendid view of your underwear design.

Additionally, they do act as shapewear. When wearing a fitting dress, no one will notice any lumps and bumps you may have around your abdomen. They’re also an excellent foundation for summer dresses, evening gowns, and any other saree-like dress. Their tiny size allows the dresses to fall naturally and smoothly around your back without unnecessary bumps.

High-Cut Thongs

High-cut thongs have narrower waistbands than high-waist ones. This way, they cover only a tiny section of the cheeks. It’s the go-to option if you dread the visible panty line (VPL) fashion faux pas like many other ladies out there do. No matter how tight you wear your skirt or dress, you won’t subject onlookers to the unsightly VPL.

Also, knowing that your assets aren’t fully covered brings that sensuous feel every lady longs for. That’s true even if you’re fully dressed. The mere thought of walking around in sexy thongs is enough to positively elevate your sexiness. And be sure you feel even racier if you decide to dress down. Thus, you’d want to wear the high-cut thongs to beach parties or even to an intimate date with your significant other. Exposing most of your butts that way reveals your playful side while at the same time not letting the cat out of the back, given that the crotch is adequately covered.

They also serve to accentuate your long legs, which makes a great impression on both boys and girls. And if you have shorter legs, they hide that fact and create the impression that your legs are long. Thus, you’ll easily win admirers with this type of thong.


Now that you understand the distinguishing features of high-cut and high-waist thongs, you’d want to add them to your lingerie collection. Go for the high-cut ones if you enjoy less coverage of your thighs and the high-waist ones if you wish your undies to feel more supportive. But it’s best if you have both types in your closet for different occasions. And since fashion is a significant aspect of your personality, feel free to experiment as much as you wish. Get creative wearing the thongs with different outfits and see if the look you pull off is admirable.