5 Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021




Marketing is one of the important aspects of any business, and since the invention of social media, marketing has reached new heights and importance. Social media provides various chances to businesses to attain more audience and increase their reach.

And as we talk about social media, it will be a sin if we don’t talk about Instagram. Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform but has now become one the most popular social media platforms and an essential platform for businesses to market their products/services or brands. While it promises for large audiences, yet many businesses fail to make the most out of it as they often fail to utilize this social media platform to a great extent. And that is due to some common mistakes. These mistakes might look small, but they make a huge difference between a successful business marketing campaign and an average performance campaign.

Here are some of the mistakes businesses make, so make sure you note them and avoid them while making your social media marketing strategy, including Instagram.

Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes That You Should Evade

Taking forward the famous quote from Otto Van Bismark, “ A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” So here are some usual blunders from businesses that you can duck and more ‘wiser.’ These are some of the common mistakes that businesses make:

Ignoring the Instagram account optimization

It is important to have an Instagram account if you want to reach more audiences; it is also important to convert your Instagram account to a business account. But many businesses often just withdraw after creating a business account, which accounts for one of the primary mistakes businesses perform.

Solution – While you are done converting your basic account into a business account, make sure you optimize it as well. Optimization here means – try to use your brand’s logo for your Instagram business’ display picture, so people can recognize your brand and your account. In addition, provide a well-written bio; whenever any user visits your account, the user will surely read your bio. So, provide a short, crisp, and engaging bio, telling how your products can change the user’s life. And while you are at it, make sure that you provide the URL of your website to familiarize people with your online presence.

Posting content without optimization

Optimization does not stop at business accounts; it is important to optimize your content as well. Businesses often commit the mistake of posting content without providing any identity related to the business. We need to understand that Instagram is a visual sharing platform, it is more likely that people might share the content that you post, so you must provide some mark of identification so that people who aren’t following you can also recognize your content.

Solution – Try to put a watermark or your brand’s logo on your posts so that even people repost them, Instagram users can still recognize your brand. You can even use a similar color pallet or pattern for your content to generate recognition for your posts, and people could relate it to your brand.

Avoiding sharing content on other social media platforms

In this modern-day marketing, one cannot simply afford to miss out on the opportunity to market their posts and content on various other platforms. Cross-platform marketing is one the most effective marketing techniques, and yet many businesses fail to use it.

Solution – Cross-platform marketing means sharing your content on various platforms. The most uncomplicated way to do it is by copying the link of your posts and pasting it on the desired social media platform. In addition, it helps to capture the audience using other platforms, hence increasing your brand’s reach.

Not using the strategy to – Embed Instagram feed on website

Consider this an extension of cross-platform marketing, while you can share the content from Instagram to another, you can even embed Instagram feed on your website. Businesses often miss this trick that enhances the visuals of their website and helps them gain more followers on their Instagram profiles.

Solution – Various tools like social media aggregators help you embed Instagram feeds on your website. This strategy has a lot of advantages that can take your marketing to the next level. Alongside increasing the charm of the website, it provides a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors, provides them with social proof, increases the credibility of your brand, and much more.

Not Utilizing all the features from Instagram

Instagram made a name for itself as it provides multiple ways to its users to express themselves. And it often comes into notice that businesses slip to use the platform. They often restrict themselves to just posting either images or videos, which becomes monotonous and predictable.

Solution – While you are using Instagram for your marketing purpose, make sure you explore the platform and reap maximum benefits. And the best way is – using different mediums to spread your message and express yourself. These are some amazing features that you can use: IGTV videos – to post long duration videos, Instagram Reels – to upload bite-sized videos, Instagram live – to interact with your audience.

Summing It Up

If you are using Instagram for your marketing purpose, then you have made a great choice. But try to avoid the blunders mentioned above so it does not hamper the growth and purpose of your marketing strategy. Instead, use the platform smartly and obtain amazing results. And don’t forget that content is the king, so focus on the content you produce and keep your viewers engaged.