Here’s Why your company should Adopt Animated Videos as a Marketing Strategy

Animated videos seem to be the new trend in the global world in general. Many times, a couple of videos pop up on our screens while scrolling through some sites. This is one of the major reasons why it’s not such a bad idea to go into video marketing. On the contrary, it is a great idea. A majority of your customers would be found online and most times, they prefer to watch a self-explanatory video before purchasing a product.

In this broad game of video marketing, it is important to strategize before embarking on your quest. That is, you do not just make a video. You would have to put into consideration your targeted goal in order to be outstanding amongst the best. It takes a lot of skill to keep your audience entrapped in what you have to offer without deviating. You should property blend entertainment with the right amount of Information by knowing what your audience wants and what they actually need.

Why You Should Consider Animation over Live Video?

At one point in time, you might have considered making a live video over an animated video or even reached a crossroad on deciding which you would like to do. It is advisable to make a list of some of the pros and cons of both videos before deciding.

However, animated videos give you a tabula rasa, that is, a blank space for you to fill in all of your video fantasy. It could be highly entertaining and colorful with few limits as you explore your boundary. Here, exceedingly difficult concepts could be simplified to the barest minimum. You could relate to the everyday life of your audience as you make your video entertaining, chipping in trends and everyday lifestyle. You could decide to use any member of your staff or even your CEO as a character in your video. They are also self-explanatory, giving your audience vital information for the product or services you’re offering, hence making their decision-making process faster.

Research shows that 70% of global consumers are more likely to purchase goods and hire services after they have seen a video about it. Animated marketing video is a valuable tool and if properly wielded can yield positive output.

Animated videos come in different styles and ranges, hence making them versatile and easy to suit your needs as a brand. You could choose from factors surrounding you such as your budget, company size, etc.

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