Healthy Habits to Adopt While Self-Quarantining

With all of the social distancing, isolation, and self-quarantining that has come from the viral coronavirus, it’s most likely that you’ll have extra time in the household to yourself. This means you’ll have a bunch of free time to fill with your hobbies, extra TV, cleaning, or playing games. However, this can also be a great time to start developing some healthy habits that can boost your immune system against COVID-19 and prepare you for life after quarantine. Here are some healthy ways you can spend your quarantine time for the next few weeks.

1. Start at-home workouts

Since most gyms are beginning to close their doors across the country, it’s going to be tough for many to get in their daily dose of exercise. This means you’re going to need to take your workout schedule and implement it into your home life. If you find your gym closing, a great place to start is reaching out to them and seeing if they are offering any online classes/instruction. Many major fitness companies are entering into the live stream business by moving their classes into the digital space so remote customers can access their favorite workouts.

If you don’t fall into the category of regularly going to the gym, there are still great ways to work out in your home! If you have items like dumbbells or yoga mats laying around these are simple items that can kick off your routine. Then, explore the depths of YouTube. There are tons of excellent training videos online that can help get your sweat on for the meantime.

2. Pamper yourself

As you spend more time in the house, it will become even more important to practice self-care and take care of your appearance. It can be easy to fall into the trap of sticking in your pajamas all day and laying around on the couch, but keeping up to track on your hygiene and grooming habits is essential to make sure you’re feeling your best.

For women: Ladies, your main two focuses for keeping track of your appearance indoors is mastering your skincare routine along with maintaining healthy hair. Along with showering every day, you should ensure you’re regularly cleaning your face with a quality cleanser. Plus, moisturizing a few times a week can help bring some nutrients to your indoor skin you would normally get from sunlight. In regards to your hair, be sure to shampoo more frequently than normal. Homebody lifestyles can attract more grime into your hair so be diligent in keeping it looking luscious.

For men: Grooming should be on every man’s mind, and for some, a growing hobby. Maintaining facial hair and skin health can be a great way for any guy to channel their energy into feeling good during a time of isolation. Whether that be shaving regularly with new razors or replenishing your beard with beard oil, there are tons of ways to keep your face feeling refreshed.

3. Try out a new hobby

As you battle quarantine, it’s easy for the alone time to take a toll on your mental health. With the recommendations in place to practice “social distancing,” it can be tough to keep your spirits high and find things to do that can take up your free time. However, this can be a great time to step outside your comfort zone and try out a new hobby that might be of interest to you. One healthy one, in particular, is that of cooking. If you find yourself falling into a pattern of unhealthy meals, try looking online for healthy recipes and begin your culinary career! Figuring out healthy recipes that pique your interest are the perfect way to pass some time and get you healthier in the process. Be sure to check out all our favorite food tips here!

4. Start a side hustle

If you’re looking for ways to stimulate your mind beyond filling your brain with cheesy TV is a chance to start a side hustle to make some extra cash while you have the spare time. It’s no secret that with the business shutdowns all over the country from COVID-19 is a financial burden for many people. With that being said, a great way to channel your time is looking into an extra way to make some money while living your homebound life.

A few great options to look into are selling things online and looking to launch a blog. Sites like Poshmark and thredUP are great ways to resell clothes you don’t wear anymore and get items from your wardrobe in front of the eyes of millions. You never know what people might snag up! Blogging has also become quite popular over the past couple of years and has some real opportunity to grow online. Blog about things that you’re passionate about and you can find a niche community to flourish in. This can lead to website donations, sponsored posts, and even ad space on your site!

If there’s one thing to remember about quarantining for coronavirus, it’s important to remember that it’s only temporary. And even though you’re indoors, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be healthy. We hope these tips are just the tip of the iceberg and can help you kick off some new habits. For more our favorite things to do in the meantime, check out another guide here.


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