Bored? Here’s a contest idea from Flowerpowerdaily with cash prizes – Have loved ones draw something inspired by this new David Hockney painting of daffodils – daffodils are also symbol for health

Wondering what to do at home?
Painter David Hockney just unveiled a new painting in an effort to lift  the world’s gloom amid the coronavirus titled, “Do remember that they can’t cancel spring.”  The British painter is considered a living legend and recently sold a painting at Christies for $90 million dollars.
Now “’s Jill Brooke is offering a cash prize for people at home to interpret the painting and create a home project with their families. “Flowers teach us about resilience and how beauty always exists if you look for it,” says Jill Brooke, a former Post columnist and CNN reporter. . “We are calling this project “Looking at the World Through Flowers.” It not only is a fun project to do at home with family members but reminds us that even in the darkness times, flowers bloom.”
Daffodils are also linked to health –

The American Cancer Society’s “Daffodil Day” fundraiser uses the flower because of its symbol of hope and new beginnings. Over 5000 daffodils also greet Boston Marathon runners along their routes following the tragic bombing in 2013. Their campaign is called “Path of the Daff

There are three categories to win in.🌿👇
Most Optimistic
Most Realistic
Most Original
Deadline is next week Wednesday March 25.
Send all entries to nancy@flowerpowerdaily.
There will be a cash prize of $100 for each adult entry and $50 for the child drawings and paintings.
So everyone, summon your creativity and optimism.

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